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    Historical Romance


    Women of Valor - 3

    The Exciting Conclusion to the WOMEN OF VALOR series! Will They Escape the Sinister Forces That Are Closing in on Them? Uncovering a diabolical Nazi plot, Marge Emerson is secretly reassigned to a medical post in France. There she meets a conscientio...

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    Historical Romance


    Women of Valor - 2

    Caught in a frightening web of espionage, two determined friends search for truth and a way out. Nella Killian, widowed when her husband's plane was shot down during the London blitz, returns home to Wales determined to build a normal life for her yo...

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    Historical Romance


    Women of Valor - 1

    Readers know of the bravery, boldness, and spirit shown by the thousands of soldiers who fought valiantly during World War II. Lesser known, perhaps, but equally dramatic were the roles that women played in the conflict, both as support from home and...

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