Book List in Order: 3 titles

  • Page Count: Approx more than 250 pages.A child at last…an insane husband…and…romance?Just when Sarah Engels thinks things can’t get any worse when her abusive husband threatens to take her life on almost a daily basis—she finds out that she...

  • Page Count: Approx 270 pages.A sudden death....a man gone his wife suddenly drops dead during a family picnic, Adam Collins doesn't think things could possibly get any worse. That is until they do. Family pressure begins to mou...

  • Page Count: Approx 130 pages.Will Love To Be The Price To Pay?An Angel’s smile…A Devil’s eyes…Are dreams made to be broken?Cheated out of her own ranch and left alone with a son to raise, Serena Snowdon can’t seem to keep ahead of the troub...

Complete Series List in Order

Family of Love

1) Handsome Widower's Second Chance (Aug-2017)
2) An Uncivilized Romance (Oct-2017)

The Rileys of Misty Creek

1) Love's Battle Won (Jul-2017)