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    3 Books
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    July 1998
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    February 2000
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  • Boone was coming toward her. "Dance with me, Dallas." She looked down at the hand he was holding out toward her...then she lifted her own hand and let her fingers slip into his. She could feel his fingers, warm and strong and real. This time,...

  • In the fire opals of an ancient treasure live two djinn. Once freed from the stones, these immortal spirits will serve their master's commands. But these djinn also have another purpose -- to bring the wearer a true and lasting love... Sir Con...

  • San Francisco, 2000. Annabel Lowell is not afraid of taking risks. After all, as a smoke jumper for the U.S. Forest Service, fighting fires is her life. And, its during a fire that Annabel's life is changed irrevocably when she crawls into a cave for...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Elizabeth Hallam has published 3 books.

Elizabeth Hallam does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Yesterday's Flame, was published in February 2000.

The first book by Elizabeth Hallam, Spirit Catcher, was published in July 1998.

No. Elizabeth Hallam does not write books in series.