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  • Everyone within miles of Aylsford Keep knows the notorious reputation of Lady Maude Darnley, only twenty-one yet inflamed with a temper so sharp it can draw blood. But few know the terror and anguish her temper conceals, and no one dares to breach th...

  • DREAM LOVERS Banished from his clan, Alistair Kirallen is a sword for hire and a man with a dream: to avenge his brother's death. 'Til a very different dream fires his imagination. She is his heart's desire, his one true destiny--but she is only a...

  • The Stand-in Bride No one can remember a time when the Darnleys and Kirallens were at peace -- the neighboring clans have been at each other's throats for generations. At long last, however, it seems like peace is at hand -- Darnley's daughter Maude...

Complete Series List in Order

The Borderlands

1) The Border Bride (Oct-2001)
2) Laird of the Mist (Jan-2002)

Award-Winning Books by Elizabeth English

The Border Bride
2002 Rita Award -- First Book