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    8 Books
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    November 1974
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    July 2013
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  • To survive in this world, you've got to come to an accommodation, a compromise - an arrangement. For sexual and emotional survival, you need a marriage. For economic survival, you need a job, a career, success.This is the stunning, unforgettable stor...

  • A beautiful and strongly sexual young woman seeks security and certainty within her husband's Greek-American family but is soon on the move again, toward an inevitable final reckoning.Kazan has crafted dozens of rasping dialogues--the way people real...

  • In his powerful new novel, Elia Kazan takes up the life of the young Greek from Anatolia whose early years he chronicled in his first and highly acclaimed novel, America America, giving us the story of a man caught between two worlds and fighting to ...

  • From Elia Kazan, the celebrated writer and director:  a huge, stunning story of a word in tumult and an immigrant’s life redeemed.   It is a pivotal moment in history.  The First World War has barely ended.  Greek forc...

  • Elia Kazan, ethnic Greek but Turkish by birth, tells the story of the struggles of his uncle, Stavros Topouzoglou, in emigrating to America. In the 1890's, the young, kind-hearted but naive Stavros lives in Anatolia, where the Greek and Armenian m...

  • Master Sergeant Cesario Flores is a troubled man. A career non-com, he feels safe in his well-ordered life. So when his precious daughter Juana joins the tuned-in, dropped-out generation, Flores breaks into little pieces...with murder the result.THE ...

  • THE UNDERSTUDY swirls through a wealth of environments: the Broadway stage, a mind-blown safari in east Africa, a Hollywood film studio, a closing-night cast party in Boston, New York's underworld and its straight analog, the television industry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Elia Kazan has published 8 books.

Elia Kazan does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, The Understudy, was published in July 2013.

The first book by Elia Kazan, Arrangement, was published in November 1974.

No. Elia Kazan does not write books in series.