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    January 1988
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    August 2016
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Book List in Order: 17 titles

  • Using edited transcripts of testimony, recreates the trial of John Tinker and two other students who were suspended from school for protesting the Vietnam War, and invites the reader to act as judge and jury...

  • You had to be really, really good to play in the 1946 championship game between the Racine Belles and the Rockford Peaches. Sitting in the stands, Margaret thrills to every crack of the bat. Someday she hopes to join her heroes like Sophie "the Flash...

  • Jacques and his parents are hiding in Nazi-occupied France during World War II, pretending to be Catholics. On the first night of Passover, Jacques and his father elude Nazi soldiers to gather with other Jews and celebrate the Seder in secret. For th...

  • From the time he was a young boy roaming the forests of the unsettled Midwest, Abraham Lincoln knew in his heart that slavery was deeply wrong. A voracious reader, Lincoln spent every spare moment of his days filling his mind with knowledge, from his...

  • This picturebook biography is an excellent and accessible introduction for young readers to learn about one of the world’s most influential luminaries. With her signature style of prose laced with stirring quotes, Doreen Rappaport brings to life He...

  • President Theodore Roosevelt is known as "the man with a plan," the "rough rider." His figure stands tall in American history; his legacy stretching him to larger-than-life proportions. But before his rise to fame, he was just "Teedie," a boy wit...

  • She couldn't go to college. She couldn't become a politician. She couldn't even vote. But Elizabeth Cady Stanton didn't let that stop her. She called on women across the nation to stand together and demand to be treated as equal to men-and that inclu...

Award-Winning Books by Doreen Rappaport

Abe's Honest Words
2010 Keystone to Reading Book Award -- Intermediate
Dirt on Their Skirts
2000 Parents Choice Award (Fall) (1998-2007) -- Recommended
Helen's Big World
2012 Lupine Award -- Picture Book

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Doreen Rappaport has published 17 books.

Doreen Rappaport does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Elizabeth Started All the Trouble, was published in August 2016.

The first book by Doreen Rappaport, The Boston Coffee Party, was published in January 1988.

No. Doreen Rappaport does not write books in series.