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    5 Books
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    January 2001
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    September 2021
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  • Ponder, if you will

    What happens to your Social Security number when you die?Why are peanuts listed as an ingredient in plain M&Ms?Why is Barbie's hair made out of nylon, but Ken's hair is plastic?What makes up the ever-mysterious "new-car s...

  • The English language is filled with familiar words that, when one thinks about them, are downright peculiar: cooties, doozies, and heepie-jeebies; finks and funks; mugwumps and muumuus; deep six and cloud nine. There's only one pundit to solve these ...

  • Scott Davis and Doug Simons were as close as brothers. They were college roommates and baseball teammates, always there for each other. They even ended up marrying sisters, making their brotherhood official as brothers-in-law. They had fame, fortune,...

  • Sanitation worker DORA ELLISON is a sweet, physically strong woman who would never dream of personally investigating a murder. But when her beloved police Lt. Francesca Franny Hart is coaxed by a disguised voice on repeated phone calls to investigate...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

David Feldman has published 5 books.

David Feldman does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Not Today - A Dora's Rage Mystery, was published in September 2021.

The first book by David Feldman, Born Of War: Based On A True Story of American-Chinese Friendship, was published in January 2001.

No. David Feldman does not write books in series.