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    December 1982
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    November 2018
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About the Author

Christopher Robin Nicole was born on 7 December 1930 in Georgetown, British Guiana (now Guyana), where he was raised. He is the son of Jean Dorothy (Logan) and Jack Nicole, a police officer, both Scottish. He studied at Queen's College in Guyana and at Harrison College in Barbados. He was a fellow at the Canadian Bankers Association and a clerk for the Royal Bank of Canada in Georgetown and Nassau from 1947 to 1956. In 1957, he moved to Guernsey, Channel Islands, United Kingdom, where he currently lives, but he also has a domicile in Spain. On 31 March 1951, he married his first wife, Jean Regina Amelia Barnett, with whom he had two sons, Bruce and Jack, and two daughters, Julie and Ursula, they divorced. On 8 May 1982 he married for the second time with fellow writer Diana Bachmann.

As a romantic and passionate of history, Nicole has been published since 1957, when he published a book about West Indian Cricket. He published his first novel in 1959 with his first stories set in his native Caribbean. Later he wrote many historical novels set mostly in tumultuous periods like World War I, World War II and the Cold War, and depict places in Europe, Asia and Africa. He also wrote classic romance novels. He specialized in Series and Sagas, and continues to write into the 21st century with no intention of retiring. He signs his books as Christopher Nicole and uses several pseudonyms, some of them female. Pseudonyms used include: Peter Grange, Andrew York, Robin Cade, Mark Logan, Christina Nicholson, Alison York, Leslie Arlen, Robin Nicholson, C.R. Nicholson, Daniel Adams, Simon McKay, Caroline Gray and Alan Savage. He wrote disaster thrillers in collaboration with his wife, Diana Bachmann, under the penname Max Marlow. Under his different pseudonyms he has worked with many publishing houses: Jarrolds, Hutchinson, Simon & Schuster, Coward-McCann & Geoghegan, Jove, Michael Joseph, Mills & Boon, and Severn House.

Full Series List in Order

The Grant Saga

1 - Brothers and Enemies (Dec-1982)
2 - Defiant Loves (Feb-1984)

Book List in Order: 6 titles

  • The Grant brothers. Toughened before the mast on the storm-lashed New England coast, rebels against England's tyrannical King George III, only they would dare to penetrate the wild mystery, the fierce beauty, the vast promise of the South American co...

  • Richard Grant and Anne de Carvalho wish to marry despite the fact that their parents have arranged other marriages for both of them with members of royalty. They were Heirs and Enemies, Lovers and Renegades Richard Grant - His birth had made him ...

  • In the aftermath of a debilitating accident, horror novelist Clyde Baker rents a house in his hometown of Bridgeton, New York in a rage-filled attempt to isolate himself from any and everyone from his past " his Shadow Life. With only the companion...

  • The Manchells had striven for years to preserve the facade of a normal middle class suburban family, but when the threads that had bound them together begin to unravel the members find themselves at odds with each other and themselves. As each of th...

  • Legend-in-his-own-mind Todd Daniels is back with his unique brand of mildly helpful, mostly nonsensical tips for aspiring adventurers. This time he targets the unwitting eyes and ears of amateur monster-hunters....

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Daniel Adams has published 6 books.

Daniel Adams does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, The Guide To Monster-Hunting For The Totally Incompetent, was published in November 2018.

The first book by Daniel Adams, Brothers and Enemies, was published in December 1982.

Yes. Daniel Adams has 1 series.