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  • Moving slowly over the top of a small hill came ten or twelve men. They stopped at the top, standing in a single line facing us. They looked like warriors from another time, several of them holding spears in an upright position. Many of them had bush...

  • Why did a first-edition Book of Mormon wind up in an old Catholic mission in San Diego? What clues does it contain to a mysterious past? And why is Dr. Anthony interested? The Andrews family is off on another exciting quest, and once again, clues in ...

  • Great Aunt Ella gives fourteen-year-old Brandon her rare edition of the Book of Mormon, expecting him to follow its teachings and keep it safe from the menacing thief who is determined to take it from her Iowa farm....

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    We all turned to see Chloe standing at the top of the stairs with a man right beside her. He had a scraggly beard and was dressed in a suit that looked like he had slept in it for the past several nights. "Agent Smith?" Rudy said. "That's Dr. Anthony...

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    When Shauna, Jeff, Brandon, and Meg Andrews inadvertently stow away on a yacht carrying the creepy Dr. Anthony and his associates to Russia in search of the tribe the Andrews family met the previous year, they find hope and courage through prayer and...

Complete Series List in Order

Book of Mormon Sleuth

1) The Book of Mormon Sleuth (Apr-2000)
2) The Lost Tribe (Oct-2010)
3) The Hidden Path ()
4) The Forgotten Treasure ()
5) The Secret Mission (May-2008)