Catherine J. Archibald was born on 17 August, and grew up in Oregon, USA. She married Steve, a Canadian and moved to Alberta, and they had 3 children. Her husband, seeing how determined she was to become a published author, sold his 1965 Mustang to buy her first computer. He remained a constant and devoted supporter through the seven years of rejections. It was her third completed historical romance, Rose Among Thorns, that Catherine sold to Harlequin Historicals in 1992. With the 2003 release of her thirteenth and last book for Harlequin, Dragon's Daughter, Catherine has lost none of her sense of awe at seeing the names of her characters in print.

After a rich and unforgettable stay of 15 years in Alberta, Catherine now lives with her husband of more than 25 years and her three children in Troutdale, Oregon, near her family again. She loves meeting and hearing from readers and may be reached at the following address: Catherine Archer, P.O. Box 1216, Fairview, OR 97024-1216.

Book List in Order: 13 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Ainsworth's Brides

1) Winter's Bride (Sep-1999)
2) The Bride of Spring (May-2000)
3) Summer's Bride (Jan-2001)
4) Autumn's Bride (Oct-2001)

Dragon's Brotherhood

1) Dragon's Dower (Jan-2002)
2) Dragon's Knight (Apr-2002)
3) Dragon's Daughter (Jan-2003)


1) Lady Thorn (Feb-1997)
2) Lord Sin (Sep-1997)

Velvet Clayburn

1) Velvet Bond (Aug-1995)
2) Velvet Touch (Jun-1996)