Book List in Order: 68 titles

Complete Series List in Order

The Campbells of Creek Bend

1) Witness Protection (Dec-2014)
2) Gut Instinct (Jan-2015)
3) Hard Target (Feb-2015)

Cattlemen Crime Club

1) Stockyard Snatching (Aug-2016)
2) Delivering Justice (Sep-2016)
3) One Tough Texan (Jan-2017)
4) Texas-Sized Trouble (Feb-2017)
5) Texas Witness (Sep-2017)
6) Texas Showdown (Oct-2017)

Cowboys of Cattle Cove

1) Cowboy Reckoning (Apr-2020)
2) Cowboy Cover-up (Apr-2020)
3) Cowboy Retribution (Apr-2020)
4) Cowboy Judgment (May-2020)
5) Cowboy Conspiracy (Jun-2020)
6) Cowboy Rescue (Aug-2020)
7) Cowboy Target (Sep-2020)
8) Cowboy Redemption (Oct-2020)
9) Cowboy Intrigue (Nov-2020)
10) Cowboy Ransom (Dec-2020)

Crisis: Cattle Barge

1) Sudden Setup (Apr-2018)
2) Endangered Heiress (May-2018)
3) Texas Grit (Jun-2018)
4) Kidnapped at Christmas (Oct-2018)
5) Murder and Mistletoe (Nov-2018)
6) Bulletproof Christmas (Dec-2018)

Don't Mess With Texas Cowboys

1) Texas Cowboy's Protection (Mar-2019)
2) Texas Cowboy Justice (Mar-2019)
3) Texas Cowboy's Honor (Mar-2019)
4) Texas Cowboy Daddy (Apr-2019)
5) Texas Cowboy's Baby (May-2019)
6) Texas Cowboy's Bride (Jun-2019)
7) Texas Cowboy's Family (Jul-2019)

Mason Ridge

1) Texas Prey (Sep-2015)
2) Texas Takedown (Oct-2015)
3) Texas Hunt (Mar-2016)
4) Texan's Baby (Apr-2016)

O'Connor Family Mystery

1) Texas Kidnapping (Oct-2020)
2) Texas Target (Nov-2020)
3) Texas Law (Dec-2020)
4) Texas Baby Conspiracy (Oct-2021)
5) Texas Stalker (Nov-2021)
6) Texas Abduction (Dec-2021)

An Orchard Agency Novel

1) Jaden (May-2018)
2) Daniel (Jun-2018)
3) Gabriel (Oct-2018)

Rushing Creek Crime Spree

1) Cornered at Christmas (Oct-2019)
2) Ransom at Christmas (Nov-2019)
3) Ambushed at Christmas (Dec-2019)
4) What She Did (Apr-2020)
5) What She Knew (May-2020)
6) What She Saw (Jun-2020)

Texas Firebrand

1) Rancher to the Rescue (Apr-2021)
2) Disarming The Rancher (Apr-2021)
3) Rancher under Fire (May-2021)
4) Rancher On The Line (Jun-2021)
5) Undercover With The Rancher (Jul-2021)
6) Rancher in Danger (Aug-2021)
7) Set-up with the Rancher (Aug-2021)
8) Rancher under the Gun (Oct-2021)

Multi-Author Series List

Behavioral Analysis Unit

2) Decoding a Criminal (Aug-2021)