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    10 Books
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    May 1984
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    October 2019
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  • Rosemary Fell was born into privilege. She has wealth, well-connected friends, and a handsome fiance, Philip Alsop. Finally she has everything she wants. It is then, in a moment of beneficence, that Rosemary invites Eleanor Smith, a penniless youn...

  • One Sunday morning four women at a bridge party in the elegant Gramercy Park Hotel see a beautiful young woman whom they all know leaving a nearby hotel with a man who is not her husband. The sight of twenty-year-old Lizzie Carswell with Billy Ho...

  • Evangelina Cisneros is a very beautiful nineteen-year-old girl who, along with her father, is active in the struggle to oust the Spanish from Cuba in the late 1890s. When her father is arrested, she pleads his case to a Spanish general, who falls in ...

  • "I've never bought loose diamonds but the idea of them appeals to me, sparkling stones that I imagine come wrapped in a velvet cloth . . . " With her wonderful sense of humor, marvelously candid voice, and astonishing perception, Amy Ephron weaves...

  • In the tradition of Edward Eager and E.L. Konigsburg, a novel about the excitement -- and the dangers -- of wishing. Tess and her brother, Max, are sent for the summer to their aunt’s sleepy village in the English countryside, where excitement i...

  • This companion to Castle In the Mist features a mysterious carnival, an ominous psychic, and a wind that whisks Tess and Max away from their vacation in Devon, England. Which fantastical world will they find this time? A year after discovering the...

  • In this new adventure with Tess and Max, internationally bestselling author Amy Ephron takes readers to London at Christmastime, where a new fantastical journey awaits.

    It's Christmas break and Tess and Max are in London, staying at the posh S...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Amy Ephron has published 10 books.

Amy Ephron does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, The Other Side of the Wall, was published in October 2019.

The first book by Amy Ephron, Cool Shades, was published in May 1984.

No. Amy Ephron does not write books in series.