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  • They went looking for justice. They never expected to find love... Curvy wolf shifter Lillian van Buren never believed in monsters... not real ones, anyway. When she learns that vampires exist, and that one of them has fed on a child, she vows to hun...

  • The opportunity of a lifetime… Ambitious journalist Circe Cole is given an opportunity that could launch her career into the stratosphere. She’s to shadow Speed’s editor-in-chief, a woman that made it to the top in the male dominated arena of a...

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    A woman with a murder to solve... In the hot desert town of Salty Springs, newly promoted detective Sasha Monroe has caught a stone-cold whodunit. The murder is grim, and Sasha is both leadless and stumped, until she receives a tip: There's a new guy...

  • A girl who needs a change... Terry Spencer is curvy, spontaneous, and brimming with attitude. When her job and family overwhelm her, she leaves for Vietnam with nothing but a backpack. But she doesn't expect to bump into a strange and stunning travel...

Complete Series List in Order

Last of the Shapeshifters

1) A Change To Bear (Feb-2014)
2) Bear This Heat (Apr-2014)
3) At Full Sprint (May-2014)

Rise of the New Shifters

1) Her Bark His Bite (Nov-2014)