Abigail Agar was born in Louisiana where she spent her teen years until she moved to Austin, where she currently lives.

She has a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and is teaching English as a foreign language teacher.

In her spare time, she loves working towards her child dream to become a world-renowned author!

She is fascinated by the Victorian and Regency periods and gets her inspiration from stories from those eras.

Abigail is recently married to her college sweetheart and planning to expand her family since she loves children!

When not writing, Abigail is spending time with non-privileged kids and relaxing with her husband.

Abigail loves to connect with her readers!

Book List in Order: 21 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Chronicles of Love and Devotion

1) The Artisan and the Duke (Jun-2018)
2) The Captain of her Betrayed Heart (Aug-2018)
3) The Mystery of the Hunted Lady (Sep-2018)

Loving Tales of Lords and Ladies

1) A Governess in the Duke's Darkness (Nov-2018)
2) The Light in the Duke's Shadow (Dec-2018)
3) The Secret Identity of the Lord's Aide (Jan-2019)