Chasing Bliss
  • Length:
    13 Books
  • First Book:
    June 2018
  • Latest Book:
    December 2020
  • Genres:
    Contemporary Romance

Welcome to Dogwood Series in Order (13 Books)

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Book Descriptions for series: Welcome to Dogwood

  • Jodi Anderson
    Book - 1

    Dizzy Dog. Bossy Goat. Legendary Love.

    Bliss Galore, a successful lawyer who left home right after high school, returns to Dogwood, Colorado because her ditzy mother has eloped and someone has to save the family farm. After a decade away, B...

  • Pam McCutcheon
    Book - 2

    Love. Laughter. Dogs!

    Kat Channing, assistant to the famous movie dog, Lira, is about to lose her job because Lira’s eyesight is failing and the canine star won’t be able to work anymore. But when Kat overhears her boss’s nephew, Joey, ...

  • Jude Willhoff
    Book - 3

    True love doesn't have to be perfect—it just has to be true. Dyan Evans is reluctant to return to Dogwood, Colorado where Jack Donovan broke her heart nine years ago. But she's inherited the family realty business and is determined to make...

  • Karen Fox
    Book - 4

    What is a woman afraid of dogs supposed to do in a town filled with them?When Megan Grinnell discovers the brother she thought dead is alive, she's thrilled. Now she'll have a family. But her teenage brother, Riley, doesn't remember her. Worse, the n...

  • Sharon Silva
    Book - 5

    An injured horse and a rescued dog. A family’s legacy in jeopardy. Can two broken hearts forgive themselves and the past in time to save it all?Chaney Roberts and Lacy Morgan haven’t seen each other in over eight years, not since a cruel turn of ...

  • Pam McCutcheon
    Book - 6

    Welcome to Dogwood, Colorado, where a special dog named Match brings soul mates together! In this heartwarming Christmas anthology of sweet romance short stories, you’ll find:“The Legend of Match”Learn how the legend of Dogwood’s matchmaking...

  • Karen Fox
    Book - 8

    Laurel Edison has everything she needs to be happy--a successful business, great friends, and a comfortable home. That is, until her very judgmental parents schedule a visit to meet her wholly imaginary fiancé. Desperate to find someone to pla...

  • Sharon Silva
    Book - 9

    He's loved her for decades. She's finally come home. But an unexpected secret and a ring of thieves threatens their second chance at love. Rosalie Roberts returns to Dogwood, Colorado after a failed marriage and a faded acting career, hoping for...

  • Pam McCutcheon
    Book - 11

    Because of his injured shoulder, Logan Kelly has decided to walk away from his successful pro golf career. He returns home to Dogwood to ponder his future, and stays with his best friend Ryan and Ryan's younger sister, Taylor. Unfortunately, a groupi...

  • Angel Smits
    Book - 12

    Staff Sergeant Jake Hayes returns home from Afghanistan with a broken body and injured soul. Leaving his partner, canine soldier Gage, behind on the battlefield nearly destroyed Jake, and now he's looking for a place to heal. He heads to his grandpar...

  • Jodi Anderson

    Welcome to Dogwood, Colorado, where a special dog named Match brings soul mates together!In this prequel to the Dogwood series, you’ll learn how the legend of the matchmaking dog came to be, and meet many of the quirky characters who made life in D...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are 13 books in the Welcome to Dogwood series.

The Welcome to Dogwood series does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Welcome Home, Soldier (Book 12), was published in December 2020.

The first book in the Welcome to Dogwood series, Chasing Bliss, was published in June 2018.

The Welcome to Dogwood series primarily falls into the Contemporary Romance genre.