Dogwood Fortunes Revealed
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    Contemporary Romance
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It's time for Dogwood's Fall Festival—complete with booths selling crafts, pumpkin-spiced everything, and one special visitor, Madame Zelda, the fortune-teller. Her extraordinary gifts reveal the past, present and future for many Dogwood citizens. This anthology contains the following short stories: In the Cards by Sharon SilvaWhen Lacy Roberts attends the Dogwood Fall Festival and discovers a fortune-teller, she's very doubtful of Madame Zelda's predictions about her and her friends. Until those predictions start to come true…. From Beyond the Rainbow Bridge by Torie FoxMaxxe Denehey's life has finally turned around for the best with the success of her pet-finding app--until the passing of her canine companion.  But when her sweet significant other convinces Maxxe to visit the town festival, a fortune-teller puts her on the path to move on from her sorrow. Sensing Home by Angel SmitsMolly Hogan hates being able to hear the thoughts of everyone around her. However, when the casual touch of Seth Taylor, the new principal at Dogwood High, quiets all the voices, she finds herself wanting more of the blessed silence and perhaps more than just his casual touch. The Lady in White by Jude WillhoffSixteen-year-old Johnny Williams is out with Shelly Conners on their first date at the Dogwood Fall Harvest Festival. They are having a great time, until Madame Zelda warns them they are about to have an adventure. All is not what it seems.... The Tenth Reunion by Laura HaydenReturning to Dogwood to attend his high school reunion, Keith Bowers has a strange encounter with a fortune-teller and then passes out. When he wakes up, ten years in the past, he wonders if he can avoid the unfortunate events that ruined his high school graduation and possibly his life. A Haunting in Dogwood by Karen FoxPet groomer Cordelia doesn't mind sharing her house with her beloved grandmother's spirit, but when a malevolent ghost appears, she seeks help from a handsome paranormal investigator. Together, they'll get rid of this ghost and discover budding romance as well. The Power of Touch by Pam McCutcheonWhen Simon Booker goes to a fortune-teller to get help for his dog, she recommends a pretty massage therapist, Alexa Corey. But will Alexa be able to help Simon...without giving away her secret?  
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