The Eternal Trust
  • Length:
    3 Books
  • First:
    June 2002
  • Latest:
    May 2005
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Series List in Order

Order Book Genre Date Rating
1 Mystery / M 4 Buy
2 Mystery / M 2 Buy
3 Mystery / M 0 Buy

Book Descriptions for series: Trust

  • Book - 1

    The love of a soulmate can be the death of you, again and again. Dorel Everly receives a legacy from her grandfather-a beautiful and beguiling samurai sword that brings the man she''s been waiting for and inescapable danger into her life. Michael Gab...

  • Book - 2

    The Sword Returns! The riveting sequel to the critically acclaimed novel The Eternal Trust. Jonathan Spencer has no memory of being a psychic spy until past life hypnotherapist Rian Farsante helps him remember too much. But Rian knows the one thing S...

  • Book - 3

    The love of a soul mate can be the death of you, again and again . . . Rian Farsante couldn't keep her soul mate from being consumed by the dark side and left him before her heart died, too. But Jonathan Spencer can't let her go. He needs her more th...