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1 Contemporary Romance / CR 3.5 Buy
2 Contemporary Romance / CR 4 Buy
3 Contemporary Romance / CR 3.5 Buy

Book Descriptions for series: Royal Rebels

  • Book - 1

    "It's complicated." It took only one kiss from his brother's widow to set AJ Rahia's soul on fire -- and set him closer to assuming his brother's throne. Tradition would have the prince turned Hollywood producer marry his brother's wife...but could ...

  • Book - 2

    When her boss accepted the role of king of a far-off land, Andi Blake willingly followed. Yet despite her devotion, Jake Mondragon had never looked at her with desire. Until Andi lost her memory and forgot she shouldn't throw herself into her boss's ...

  • Book - 3

    At Montoya's Mercy Playboy king Vasco Montoya won't be stopped. Learning that a sperm bank deposit he made as an indiscreet youth has been cashed, he vows to claim his royal heir -- and the boy's lovely mother. By any means necessary. Stella Gr...