Desert Prince, Bride of Innocence
  • Length:
    3 Books
  • First:
    January 2010
  • Latest:
    March 2010
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Series List in Order

Order Book Genre Date Rating
1 Contemporary Romance / CR 3.5 Buy
2 Contemporary Romance / CR 4 Buy
3 Contemporary Romance / CR 3.5 Buy

Book Descriptions for series: Pregnant Brides

  • Book - 1

    Forced to marry a desert prince? Prince Jasim bin Hamid al Rais was concerned that his womanizing elder brother was bewitched by his child's nanny -- the throne of Quaram could be threatened by scandal! Though Elinor Tempest appeared to be a f...

  • Book - 2

    Billionaire in need... Russian billionaire Sergei Antonovich was famous for being knee-deep in stunning supermodels and aspiring actresses. But not one was suitable bride material. Would he ever grant his aging babushka her dearest wish and present ...

  • Book - 3

    The right mistress...but the wrong bride! Lindy was amazed when shipping tycoon Atreus Drakos made her his mistress. Her -- with her fuller figure and lowly lifestyle making candles and potpourri! However, Atreus seemed enchanted by her curves whe...