Paradise Park
  • Length:
    7 Books
  • First:
    October 2017
  • Latest:
    July 2019

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Book Descriptions for series: Paradise Park

  • Book - 1

  • Book - 2

    When Rob Eastman is released from prison, his only thought is finding his wife, Grace. His search leads him from Canada to Texas where he unwillingly teams up with a contrary female deputy. After accidentally stumbling upon a meth lab in the woods, l...

  • Book - 3

    With Rob being more reckless and irresponsible, Grace tries to cope on her own with getting the welding shop up and running. When a prison gang comes to Paradise to make Rob pay for past sins, Grace's burden increases tenfold....

  • Book - 4

    Rob is dead. But too many things surrounding his death don't add up. Grace moves back to Texas to be near her friends and tries to rebuild her shattered life. Does she have the strength to go on alone? She doesn't think so....

  • Book - 5

  • Book - 6

    When Rob Eastman leaves his family behind to start a new life, his female stalker follows. Unable to free himself from the past, he faces the wrath of a woman scorned. Will Rob survive the violence unleashed on him?...

  • Book - 7

    Rob is on the run. Rob Eastman tries living large as a traveling poker player, then realizes the only things that matter to him are his wife and son. Can Rob put his family and his life back together? Don't miss his wild cross-country trek of self-di...