The Awakening
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  • First Book:
    April 2002
  • Latest Book:
    February 2024
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    Paranormal Romance
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The Leopard People Series in Order (15 Books)

Order Book Date Rating
1 (ss) 4
2 5
3 5
4 5
5 5
6 5
7 5
8 5
9 5

10 5
11 5
12 5
13 4
14 5
15 5

Book Descriptions for series: Leopard People

  • Book - 1

    WHERE DO YOUR FANTASIES TAKE YOU? Under the blazing heat of the Borneo sun... ...a beautiful naturalist's dream comes true to live among the feral jungle creatures. But an untamed, irresistible beast of another sort forces her to explore her own ...

  • Book - 2

    Christine Feehan now explores the dark past of a woman on the run--and her darker desires for the only man left she dares to trust... What has she done? With a new identity; a staged death, and a chance to flee the treachery that stalks her, Racha...

  • Book - 3

    Bred by capricious parents for his innate leopard-shifting abilities, billionaire Jake Bannaconni has spent his life in an emotional vacuum -- especially after a tragic twist ,of fate left hi to raise his infant son alone. But when his path crosses t...

  • Book - 4

    The heat of passion -- and danger -- rises like jungle fire in the all-new novel of the leopard people... Called on a dangerous assignment, leopard shifter Conner Vega returns to the Panama rain forest of his homeland, looking every bit the civilize...

  • Book - 5

    Danger lurks in the shadows and desire shimmers in the sultry heat in an all-new novel of the leopard people from #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan... When Saria Boudreaux finds a dead body in the Louisiana bayou near her home, h...

  • Book - 6

    From a tough stint in the armed forces to stalking the unknown as a bayou cop, leopard-shifter Remy Boudreux has been served well by his uncanny gifts. And right now, New Orleans could use a homicide detective like Remy. A serial killer is loose,...

  • Book - 7

    The #1 New York Times bestselling author of Leopard’s Prey returns to the feral underworld of her astonishing Leopard novels in an arousing new romance of forbidden animal instincts… Cat Benoit has finally escaped the past -- and the man who ...

  • Book - 8

    In the new Leopard novel by the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Cat’s Lair and Leopard’s Prey, passions explode like wildfire when a young woman’s feral instincts are ignited by a man who’s too dangerous not to desire… A simple r...

  • Book - 9

    A ruthless criminal unleashes his most feral desires in the new Leopard novel from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Wild Cat. Passion melts the will of an ice-cold criminal when he meets the one woman who can tame the beast inside him.*...

  • Book - 10

    #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan cuts straight to the heart of a man who stalks the shadows in an intoxicating Leopard novel. Though he was born into a leopard’s lair in the bayou, Joshua Tregre’s fighting skills were hon...

  • Book - 11

    He keeps his emotions on a tight leash, but she can see the desire burning in his eyes... Timur Amurov has one purpose in life: protect his family at all costs. With lethal skills honed from a violent upbringing, Timur is a leopard shifter who see...

  • Book - 12

    He’s a man who’s used to getting what he wants, but she’s not the type of woman to take things lying down.… Born into a world of crime, Mitya Amurov has had a hard life, and his leopard has developed into a feral beast to protect him. It�...

  • Book - 13

    It will take more than desire to tame the animal within in this Leopard novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan. Leopard shifter Sevastyan Amurov has an anger inside of him that burns so hot it’s almost impossible to co...

  • Book - 14

    Animal attraction takes over in this exhilarating Leopard novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan.The moment Meiling sees Gedeon she knows he’s a leopard shifter -- just as she knows she can’t trust him. Meiling doesn’t...

  • Book - 15

    In this pulse-pounding novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling Leopard series, animal instinct unites two elite shifters whose heads are at war with their hearts.Gorya Amurov might be known as his family's peacekeeper, but the leopard inside him w...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are 15 books in the Leopard People series.

The next book in the Leopard People series, Leopard's Hunt (Book 15), will be published in February 2024.

The first book in the Leopard People series, The Awakening, was published in April 2002.

The Leopard People series primarily falls into the Paranormal Romance genre.