Fresh Doubt
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    June 2014
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    June 2023
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The Ingrid Skyberg FBI Thriller Series in Order (10 Books)

Order Book Date Rating
0.5 3
1 3
2 0
3 0
4 1
5 0
6 0
7 0
8 0

9 0

Book Descriptions for series: An Ingrid Skyberg FBI Thriller

  • Book - 0.5

    The first adventure in Eva Hudson’s enormously popular Ingrid Skyberg series

    Ingrid Skyberg joined the FBI to bring one man to justice: the man who abducted her best friend when she was fourteen. It’s been eighteen years and she’s ne...

  • Book - 1

    Madison Faber is a brilliant American psychology graduate studying at a prestigious London college. At 8.30 this morning she discovered her friend lying in a pool of blood. Two hours later she's in police custody being questioned for...

  • Book - 2

    A young American trader is found fatally poisoned in his office in the City of London. Two days later, a Latvian immigrant is discovered floating face down in the River Thames, brutally murdered. When Special Agent Ingrid Skyberg, the FBI's crimin...

  • Book - 3

    How do you hunt down a man trained to stay hidden? In a seedy hotel room in central London, the baby daughter of a US Air Force pilot lies lifeless in his wife's arms. Accused of killing the 14 month old in an unconrolled...

  • Book - 4

    A split second decision �" do you kill, or die? A teenage girl disappears after witnessing a gangland murder in Chicago. Nine months later and heavily pregnant she arrives in London... only to disappear again. Special Agent Ingrid Skyberg, work...

  • Book - 5

    The fifth adventure in Eva Hudson’s enormously popular Ingrid Skyberg Thriller seriesStockholm is under siege. A bomb has gone off, several high-profile people have been kidnapped, and the city is on lockdown. Unfortunately for Special Agent In...

  • Book - 6

    One man wants to buy the presidency. One woman stands in his way.A shadowy UK-based group has been trying to hack the US elections. When Special Agent Ingrid Skyberg is assigned to find out who’s funding the hackers, she finds herself up agains...

  • Book - 7

    They say she killed him. She doesn’t remember.Special Agent Ingrid Skyberg is ready to walk away from her life in London. She’s at rock bottom and even wants to leave the FBI. But when Ingrid attempts to board a flight at Heathrow and sne...

  • Book - 8

    A double agent. A double cross. This time, Ingrid is in double trouble.When Special Agent Ingrid Skyberg discovers an undeveloped roll of film left behind by her predecessor in the FBI, she isn’t sure what to make of the strange photos he took....

  • Book - 9

    Special Agent Ingrid Skyberg has settled into her life in London working out of the US Embassy. She’s got a new apartment, a new roommate, and such a busy caseload she has forgotten about her exceedingly un-busy romantic life.But then she gets ...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are 10 books in the Ingrid Skyberg FBI Thriller series.

The Ingrid Skyberg FBI Thriller series does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Code Dead (Book 9), was published in June 2023.

The first book in the Ingrid Skyberg FBI Thriller series, Fresh Doubt, was published in June 2014.

The Ingrid Skyberg FBI Thriller series primarily falls into the Thriller genre.