Series List in Order: 5 books

Guarding the Broken

Author's note: Part 1 and 2 were previously published in 2013 as one novel of epic proportion titled Nothing Left to Lose.

Nothing Left to Lose was a runaway bestseller that had people all over the world falling in love with Agent Ashton Taylor. Now split into two full-length, more manageable novels and with beautiful new covers, you can fall in love with Anna and Ashton all over again or witness their heart wrenching journey for the first time. Part 2 (Blurring the Lines) is a direct continuation of this novel.

Enjoying the Chase is a companion novel of Nothing Left to Lose; however, this is a standalone novel and there is no requirement to read Nothing Left to Lose (parts 1 and 2) first.

One Wild Night is NOT a romance story, it's a short (approx 22 thousand word) humor sketch. It's an Enjoying the Chase novella featuring characters from my other published novels - Enjoying the Chase and Nothing Left to Lose. WARNING - Contains SPOILERS for both books. All of the author's profits and royalties from the sale of this ebook will be donated to Macmillan Nurses for the wonderful work that they do.

Order Book Series Genre Date Rating
1   Contemporary Romance / CR 3
2   Contemporary Romance / CR 0
3   Contemporary Romance / CR 0
3.5   General Fiction / GF 0
4   General Fiction / GF 3.5