Night Passage
  • Length:
    9 Books
  • First Book:
    September 1997
  • Latest Book:
    March 2010
  • Genres:
    Police Procedural
  • Setting:
    Paradise, Massachusetts
  • Characters:
    Jesse Stone, chief of police
  • Rating:

Chief Jesse Stone Series in Order (9 Books)

Order Book Date Rating
1 4
2 5
3 4
4 5
5 4
6 4
7 4
8 5
9 4

Book Descriptions for series: Chief Jesse Stone

  • Book - 1

    The author of the bestselling Spenser novels introduces a new hero ... Meet Jesse Stone, who has left the LAPD in disgrace and found himself the new chief of police in Paradise, Massachusetts--a town that's a lot less idyllic than it sounds... Jes...

  • Book - 2

    Robert B. Parker's new hero, Jesse Stone, has just settled into his position as police chief of Paradise, Massachusetts. But there's trouble in paradise when the wealthy enclave of Stiles Island catches the eye of thieves who come to look at a house-...

  • Book - 3

    Robert B. Parker is back in Paradise, where Detective Jesse Stone is looking for two things: the killer of a teenage girl--and someone, anyone, who is willing to claim the body......

  • Book - 4

    Meet Tony and Brianna Lincoln. They've just moved to Paradise. Unfortunately, they're not too keen on making friends with the neighbors. In fact, this urbane pair of thrill killers is knocking locals off one by one--and they've marked Jesse Stone as ...

  • Book - 5

    After the body of a divorced Florida heiress washes ashore in Paradise, Jesse Stone discovers her kinky secrets--and a sordid past that case suspicion on everyone she knew, from friends to family. Unfortunately no one is talking, so it's up to Stone ...

  • Book - 6

    The murder of a notorious public figure places Paradise, Massachusetts, police chief Jesse Stone in the harsh glare of the media spotlight. When the body of controversial talk-show host Walton Weeks is discovered hanging from a tree on the outski...

  • Book - 7

    Crow, an Apache hit man and a former adversary of Jesse Stone's, resurfaces in Paradise to find a missing girl and snuff out her mother. But his conscience is getting the best of him. If he doesn't make the hit, he'll pay for it. So might Jesse, who ...

  • Book - 8

    Things are getting strange in Paradise, Massachusetts. Police Chief Jesse Stone is called to the junior high school when reports of lewd conduct by the school's principal, Betsy Ingersoll, filter into the station. Ingersoll claims she was protecting ...

  • Book - 9

    Family ties prove deadly in the brilliant new Jesse Stone novel from New York Times-bestselling author Robert B. Parker. The body in the trunk was just the beginning. Turns out the stiff was a foot soldier for local tough guy Reggie Galen, now ...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are 9 books in the Chief Jesse Stone series.

The Chief Jesse Stone series does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Split Image (Book 9), was published in March 2010.

The first book in the Chief Jesse Stone series, Night Passage, was published in September 1997.

The Chief Jesse Stone series primarily falls into the Police Procedural genre.
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