Sanibel Flats
  • Series Length:
    26 Books
  • First Book:
    March 1990
  • Latest Book:
    February 2020
  • Main Genres:
    Suspense, Thriller, Mystery
  • Rating:

The Doc Ford Series in Order (26 Books)

Order Book Genre Date Rating
1 Thriller / T 4
2 Thriller / T 4
3 Thriller / T 4
4 Thriller / T 4
5 Thriller / T 4
6 Thriller / T 4
7 Thriller / T 5
8 Thriller / T 4
9 Thriller / T 5

10 Thriller / T 5
11 Thriller / T 5
12 Thriller / T 4
13 Thriller / T 4
14 Thriller / T 5
15 Thriller / T 5
16 Thriller / T 5
17 Thriller / T 4
18 Thriller / T 4
19 Thriller / T 4
20 Thriller / T 4
21 Thriller / T 4
22 Thriller / T 4
23 Thriller / T 4
24 Thriller / T 4
25 Thriller / T 4
26 Police/Detective/Law Enforcement / PD 5

Book Descriptions for series: A Doc Ford Novel

  • Book - 1

    SANIBEL FLATS ITS COOL GULF BREEZES LURED HIM FROM A LIFE OF DANGER. ITS DARK UNDERCURRENTS THREATENED TO DESTOY HIM After ten years of living life on the edge, it was hard for Doc Ford to get that addiction to danger out of his system. But spe...

  • Book - 2

    Marine biologist and former secret operative Doc Ford is lazily poling his skiffalong Southwest Florida's flat copper sea in search of sea anemones, when he runs into the body of the most hated man on Sanibel Island--Marvin Rios. And when the Isla...

  • Book - 3

    When solitary marine biologist Doc Ford focused his telescope on the woman in the white boat, he didn't know his life was about to be capsized: that his conniving uncle Tucker Gatrell would discover the Fountain of Youth, that The National Enquirer w...

  • Book - 4

    Now White delivers a wicked new thriller that sends government agent turned-marine biologist Doc Ford into dangerous new waters, as a Florida fishing dispute escalates into a deadly war that reaches across the ocean......

  • Book - 5

    White's newest thriller takes Doc Ford to Havana, where a friend is being held by the Cuban government. Still haunted by his suspected involvement in a plot against Castro, Ford leaves Florida and ventures to Cuba--where he finds himself entangled in...

  • Book - 6

    Florida marine biologist Doc Ford lands hip-deep in hot water when the daughter of a dead war buddy calls asking for help. Her mother has vanished without a trace in South America--while with an unsavory companion--and all of her money has disappeare...

  • Book - 7

    Government-agent-turned-marine-biologist Doc Ford sails an endless sea of questions when he agrees to investigate a death from the past. Years ago, off Florida's Gulf Coast, a teenaged girl found an ancient gold medallion. Then she began having night...

  • Book - 8

    It's never a good idea to mix business with pleasure. But for marine biologist Doc Ford, who loves his job almost as much as he loves the Florida coast, the line between the two often smudges. On a working vacation in Guava Key, Doc hopes to catc...

  • Book - 9

    On a crisp November morning, four divers set off for an excursion fifty-six miles off the Florida coast. Two days later, only one is found alive, standing naked atop a light tower in the Gulf of Mexico. Of her three companions, not a trace exists. On...

  • Book - 10

    Doc Ford returns to his stilt house on Dinkin's Bay to find an old friend and onetime lover waiting for him. Her real-estate developer husband has disappeared and been pronounced dead. She's sure there's worse to follow--and she's right. Ford follows...

  • Book - 11

    It's taken ten years for former assassin Doc Ford to reinvent himself on Florida's Gulf Coast. Now the abduction of his only son--the legacy of a long-ago love affair--has pulled him back into the shadow of his violent past, and more is at stake than...

  • Book - 12

    It starts with a simple request: check up on the mysteriously reclusive biologist brother of an old friend. But what Doc Ford stumbles upon in the doctor's secluded island home is a nightmare. He has hanged himself--and his body is host to a rare str...

  • Book - 13

    A Category Four hurricane has swept the west coast of Florida, creating havoc, changing lives, and reshaping the ocean bottom. It also uncovers a long-forgotten shipwreck that leads Doc Ford to an old woman in a secluded, worn-down mansion. She tells...

  • Book - 14

    Doc Ford returns to help a new ally in need--and to face an old enemy who needs to be killed. When Doc Ford saves a controversial former president of the United States from assassination, his troubles are just starting. A few months before, Kal Wi...

  • Book - 15

    It was a simple exchange. Clean. So why did things go so terribly wrong? It went against all of Ford's instincts. When his goddaughter, Shanay, called one day, he assumed it was with details of her imminent wedding, but the news was anything but...

  • Book - 16

    In the stunning new novel by New York Times bestselling author Randy Wayne White, Doc Ford is given an ultimatum so terrifying it literally leaves its victims breathless... It happens right before Doc Ford's eyes: the attempted abduction of an attra...

  • Book - 17

    Doc Ford wrestles more than one kind of demon, in the stunning novel from the New York Times-bestselling author. Many dangers lurk in the deep-the worst of them are human. Thirty minutes into what should have been an easy, beginner-level dive in a re...

  • Book - 18

    Alot is going on in the trailer park known as Little Guadalajara, inhabited principally by illegal laborers. The park manager is the hired gun of a financial syndicate that wants to develop the property, and he's prepared to do whatever it takes-but ...

  • Book - 19

    It began peacefully enough, on one of Florida's private islands. At a reception hosted by a notorious Russian black marketeer, Doc Ford uses darkness, and his friend Tomlinson, as cover to get an underwater look at the billionaire's yacht. By the ...

  • Book - 20

    The stunning new thriller--the twentieth Doc Ford novel--from the New York Times-bestselling author. Both Doc Ford and his friend Tomlinson have buried secrets. Now one of those secrets is about to come alive--with a vengeance. While trying t...

  • Book - 21

    The stunning new thriller from the New York Times-bestselling author. When a Crow Indian acquaintance of Tomlinson's asks him to help recover a relic stolen from his tribe, Doc Ford is happy to tag along--but neither Doc nor Tomlinson realize wha...

  • Book - 22

    Doc Ford’s old friend, General Juan Garcia, has gone into the lucrative business of smuggling Cuban baseball players into the U.S. He is also feasting on profits made by buying historical treasures for pennies on the dollar. He prefers what dealers...

  • Book - 23

    Doc Ford has long lived a double life. This time, it may finally have caught up to him. “I’ll make an example of someone close to you.” On a moonless night on Sanibel Island, Florida, marine biologist Marion “Doc” Ford car...

  • Book - 24

    The ghosts of a 1925 multiple murder stalk Doc Ford in the electrifying new novel in the New York Times-bestselling series. Doc Ford has been involved in many strange cases. This may be one of the strangest. A legendary charter captain and guide ...

  • Book - 25

    Murder, sunken treasure, and pirates both ancient and modern send Doc Ford on a nightmare quest in the thrilling new novel in the New York Times-bestselling series. Marine biologist Doc Ford has been known to help his friends out of jams occasion...

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    Book - 26

    The sins of the past come back to haunt Doc Ford and his old friend Tomlinson in this thrilling new novel from New York Times-bestselling author Randy Wayne White. Marine biologist and former government agent Doc Ford is sure he's beyond the p...