• Length:
    7 Books
  • Genres:
    Hard-Boiled, Police Procedural, Private Investigator, Mystery
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The Jack Taggart Series in Order (7 Books)

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Book Descriptions for series: A Jack Taggart Mystery

  • Jack Taggart, an undercover Mountie, lives in a world where the good guys and the bad guys change places in a heartbeat. Taggart is very good at what he does. Too good to be playing by the rules, so the brass assign a new partner to spy on him.

  • 2008 City of Victoria Butler Book Prize -- Longlisted

    Jack’s life and career are on the line in a gritty return to the dark Vancouver underworld of Loose Ends.

    RCMP detective Jack Taggart has avenged the murders of his niece ...

  • In this gut-wrenching sequel to Loose Ends and Above Ground, Jack Taggart’s quest for justice takes him from the beaches of Cuba to the ghettos of Hanoi.

    Jack Taggart is an undercover Mountie whose quest for justice takes him from the sun...

  • After a cheap handgun sets Jack on the trail of a heroin importer, he winds up in the lair of one of the largest Yakuza crime families, caught in a deadly clash of criminal cultures.

    This intriguing, suspense-packed novel is the fourth in t...

  • Undercover operative Jack Taggart is hurled into a world where morality, justice, and the legal system are pitted against one another.

    Taggart investigates the murder of someone who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Wiretap informat...

  • Undercover detective Jack Taggart infiltrates a Mexican drug cartel while investigating the disappearance of a young Canadian woman.

    Lily Rae is on holiday in El Paso, Texas, when she’s kidnapped by a Mexican drug cartel. El Paso borders ...

  • In his seventh appearance, undercover agent Jack Taggart is forced to play a risky game, making a deal with one devil to bring down another.

    Corporate Asset takes undercover operative Jack Taggart into the world of white-collar crime and mu...