Winnie Archer

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    Cozy Mystery


    A Bread Shop Mystery - 3

    Beloved Mexican bakery Yeast of Eden has scored the catering deal at the annual Santa Sofia, California, art car parade and ball. But when a contestant turns up dead, making bread will be the yeast of their problems . . .   Apprentice baker Ivy Culp...

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    Cozy Mystery


    A Bread Shop Mystery - 2

    Business is booming at Yeast of Eden. But with a deadly mystery taking over the seaside town of Santa Sofia, the Mexican bread shop can’t possibly leaven a killer’s appetite . . .   For once, Ivy Culpepper feels fulfilled. An apprenticeship at Y...

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    Cozy Mystery


    A Bread Shop Mystery - 1

    Everyone swears by Yeast of Eden, the Mexican bread shop in town. But tonight, the only thing on the menu is la muerte . . . Struggling photographer Ivy Culpepper has lots of soul-searching to do since returning to seaside Santa Sofia, California....

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