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    Amateur Sleuth


    A Eugenia Potter Mystery - 3

    THE MAIN COURSE WAS MURDER Warm memories and good food greeted Mrs. Potter's return to her beloved Nantucket, but so did a chilling surprise. Her old friends had a stunning new look: dangerously thin and dressed to kill! Was something sinister ...

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    Amateur Sleuth


    A Eugenia Potter Mystery - 2

    The baked bean supper is the social highlight of Northcutt Harbor, Maine. This year it will also be the last get-together for certain citizens of the town. First, Regina and Coley Cogswell are killed when their pleasure boat explodes at sea. Then ...

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    Amateur Sleuth


    A Eugenia Potter Mystery - 1

    Meet MRS. EUGENIA POTTER, an attractive widow of a certain age...a terrific cook and a most delightful new sleuth! RECIPE FOR A DELICIOUS WHODUNIT! Take one very small town (Harrington, Iowa, pop. 4785). Blend in one elegant cooking lesson in...

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