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    4 Books
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    June 2000
  • Latest Book:
    May 2014
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  • WORTHLESS Jilted by her fiance, Tanner had to struggle not to believe that her own value had been somehow diminished. Still she knew better than to let that fear ruin her tour of England. But no one had explained to her that there would be a mock br...

  • When Nelwina Honeycutt is taken to the block to be sold--a common enough plight for a "troublesome" wife in eighteenth-century England--she hardly expects to better her situation. The illegitimate child of a nobleman, she can be sold for sixpence. Th...

  • When the bomb goes off, U.S. Navy explosives technician Brian Skelley figures he's been blown to Kingdom Come. Instead, he's been blown to fourteenth-century Scotland--and into the arms of the most beautiful woman ever. Can he give up his career and ...

  • England, 1073Anora, the Saxon Lady of Fairhurst, has lost her husband in the war against William the Conqueror. Now the Bastard King has awarded Fairhurst Castle to one of his Norman knights, Rosard FitzGillen. If the man thought to walk in and take...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Virginia Farmer has published 4 books.

Virginia Farmer does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Siege, was published in May 2014.

The first book by Virginia Farmer, Sixpence Bride, was published in June 2000.

No. Virginia Farmer does not write books in series.