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    5 Books - 2 Series
  • First Book:
    May 2010
  • Latest Book:
    April 2013
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Full Series List in Order

Jax Marlin

1 - To Catch a Marlin (Oct-2012)
2 - Triple the Action (Apr-2013)


1 - The Lancaster Rule (May-2010)
2 - The Master Key (Jul-2011)
3 - The Eternal Knot (Jan-2012)

Book List in Order: 5 titles

  • When destiny calls, it can take 300 years...The world loathes Josie Bettencourt’s kind -- pod-survivors from the past. When she awakens three hundred years later, she discovers what falling into hell is like. Stalked by uncertainty and death, her n...

  • All is not idyllic as Josie begins her new life in the future as wife to the world president, John Lancaster. A dangerous man from her past returns -- Michael Ho -- to wreck more havoc and destruction. With him, Ho brings a hostage, Margeaux, who...

  • Unable to resist the lure of finding her niece, Josie picks up the crumbs of clues left behind. With her old friend and savior, pod-hunter Quin Aguilar at her side, she seeks out Fern Betterncourt who is assumed to be sleeping for over a hundred year...

  • In the tail end of the 24th Century, Special Inspector Michael Pedroni pursues a beautiful and elusive vigilante, Jax Marlin, in a wild cat and mouse chase that will take him from Earth to the Bacchus Dome and beyond. Jax Marlin is not your average c...

  • NOVELLA COLLECTION. Collecting parts 2, 3, and 4 of the TO CATCH A MARLIN saga by T.K. Toppin. This collection includes: PURGED IN FIRE, THE MARLIN STRIKES AGAIN, and THE NECROMANCER OF THE AVON. Follow the futuristic exploits of beautiful but deadly...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

T.K. Toppin has published 5 books.

T.K. Toppin does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Triple the Action, was published in April 2013.

The first book by T.K. Toppin, The Lancaster Rule, was published in May 2010.

Yes. T.K. Toppin has 2 series.