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  • Bibliography:
    27 Books (3 Series)
  • First Book:
    January 1984
  • Latest Book:
    August 2018
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Full Series List in Order

An Alex Quick Mystery

1 - Quick and the Dead (Jun-2016)
2 - Quick Off the Mark (Jan-2017)
3 - Quick on the Draw (Aug-2018)

A Cassandra Swann Bridge Mystery

1 - Death Takes a Hand (1993)
2 - Grand Slam (1994)
3 - King of Hearts (1995)
4 - Doubled in Spades (1996)
5 - Sacrifice Bid (1998)
6 - Dummy Hand (Jun-1999)

Penny Wanawake

1 - Penny Black (1984)
2 - Penny Dreadful (1984)
3 - Penny Post (1985)
4 - Penny Royal (Mar-1987)
5 - Penny Wise (1988)
6 - Penny Pinching (Sep-1989)
7 - Penny Saving (1993)

Book List in Order: 27 titles

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    Penny Wanawake, the daughter of a British aristocrat and an African ambassador to the U.N., searches for a killer in the upper echelons of Washington, D.C., society, after the murder of a former school friend, Marfa Lund...

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    Spotlights focused on the Abbey buildings. The air held a piece of silver moon. An oboe blew a soft pure note. Clear young voices broke into a madrigal... ...listening, in mellow mood, Max Maunciple drank just one gin too many. And died. An egotist,...

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    Lower lngleford seems a typical rural hamlet in the sunlit uplands of northern England, complete with Village Institute, village green, and lord of the manor. But something is seriously amiss: milking equipment explodes; brakes are tampered with; bu...

  • The news hit the papers ... Dr Bruno Fenlinghetti, esteemed Italian archaeologist and director of Rome's Instituto Ferlinghetti, had disappeared from his home near Naples. A pair of priceless statuettes had also vanished. You didn't have to be Perry ...

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    When aristocrat Amazon Penny Wanawake deputizes for her mother at a super de luxe hotel planning conference on Costas Kyriakou's private Aegean island, she expects boredom and backbiting. And perhaps a brief flirtation with her old friend Theo. But n...

  • English journalist Frances Brett, abandoned by the mysterious Nicholas Marquand in Istanbul, finds herself drawn into the lives of a series of bizarre people as she investigates Nicholas' subsequent murder and mutilation...

  • Moody, author of the Penny Wanawake mysteries, centers this entertaining but fragmented thriller around Frances Breet, the daughter of a French mother and a recently assassinated American journalist father. In Istanbul, Fran meets Nicholas Marquend, ...

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    Ex-biology teacher Cassandra Swann turned in her lab coat to pursue her true passion: playing bridge professionally. But she soon found that her card sense translated into a surprising skill for detection--and now she's making her bid to become the b...

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    Penny Wanawake, daughter of an African diplomat father and English aristocratic mother, is swept up in the tides of adventure when she agrees to look after the RH Domestic Agency for her neighbour. A nanny for the agency disappears and Penny finds he...

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    While taking part in a high-stakes bridge game, Cassie Swann stumbles upon the body of Lady Portia Wickham and sets out to investigate the killing, but drawing clues like cards, she is soon holding a murderous hand. Reprint....

  • Two years of teaching biology had been enough. Two years of dissecting frogs and reeking of formaldehyde had finally persuaded Cassie Swann to set up as a bridge professional instead. So far, she has managed to make a reasonable living, operating fr...

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    Ex-biology teacher Cassandra Swann turned in her lab coat to pursue her true passion: playing bridge professionally. But she soon found that her card sense translated into a surprising skill for detection--and now she's making her bid to become the b...

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    When a man continually stalks her and then her friend, Naomi, is found murdered, bridge instructor and amatuer sleuth Cassie Swann sets out to find who her stalker is and uncover the killer of her friend...

  • Esteemed mystery writer Anne Perry, author of twenty-five novels and two acclaimed detective series, heads up a delectable cast of contemporary writers, the very best from both sides of the Atlantic. In the tradition of Britain's honored crime writer...

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    Times are looking lean for Cassie Swann. With the bridge supplies business in a slump and no new sources of income on the horizon, she’s shocked to find herself cadging drinks off OAPs. But her own problems are forgotten when one of her bridge grou...

  • A new title in the Sounds Like Murder series. As a bestselling author, Dorothy has it all. But a promise made with a stranger years before in a hospital waiting room while they waited for elderly loved one to die is now haunting her. Kill me when I'm...

  • The sixth mystery featuring Cassie Swann. When Cassie becomes the victim of a hit-and-run driver, she doesn't expect him to walk later into a police station and confess. Then a young student at Oxford is murdered. Cassie's relentless suitor, Charlie ...

  • A compelling tale of childhood trauma and sinister discoveries - Alice and her brother Orlando lived a quiet life growing up in post WWII Britain; that is until the arrival of the precocious, manipulative and sexually aware Nicola. But on Alice’s 1...

  • A woman’s search for her identity leads her to confront a series of disturbing truths in this enthralling psychological mystery - Abandoned at the age of eleven by her beautiful, capricious mother, Theodora Cairns, twenty years on and with a painfu...

  • A woman’s unresolved past has disturbing implications for her future in this compelling psychological mystery. When she was nineteen, Kate’s father, stepmother and eight-year-old sister were killed in a mysterious car accident in South America. T...

  • 13-year-old Chantal Frazer’s carefree childhood came to an end the day her sister Sabine was murdered in shocking and tragic circumstances while working as an au pair for a wealthy family in their beautiful Cotswolds home. 23 years later, Chanta...

  • Introducing outspoken female sleuth Alex Quick in the first of a brand-new mystery series When her business partner, acclaimed art historian and university professor Dr Helena Drummond, disappears, Alexandra Quick is consumed by guilt. Shortly bef...

  • Alex Quick investigates the murder of a close family friend in this intriguing, intricately-plotted mystery In her former career as a police detective, Alex Quick was exposed to some brutally violent crimes -- but none as horrific as this. A badly...

  • A case of theft spirals into murder in the latest intriguing Alex Quick mystery Former police detective Alex Quick finds it impossible to refuse when a young family friend begs for her help in discovering which of his friends is a thief. Following...

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Susan Moody has published 27 books.

Susan Moody does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Quick on the Draw, was published in August 2018.

The first book by Susan Moody, Penny Black, was published in January 1984.

Yes. Susan Moody has 3 series.