Book List in Order: 40 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Blue Moon Harbor

1) Fly Away with Me (Jul-2017)
2) Come Home with Me (Jan-2018)
3) Sail Away with Me (Sep-2018)

Caribou Crossing

0.5) Caribou Crossing (Jun-2013)
2) Home on the Range (Aug-2013)
3) Gentle on My Mind (Sep-2013)
4) Stand By Your Man (Jun-2014)
5) Love Me Tender (Dec-2014)
6) Love Somebody Like You (Oct-2015)
7) Ring of Fire (Jun-2016)
8) Holiday in Your Heart (Oct-2016)

Rebel Brides

1) To Claim a Wife (Jun-1999)
2) To Tame a Bride (Jul-1999)

Related Books

1) Wild at Heart (Aug-1997)
2) The Man She'll Marry (Apr-2001)
3) The Wife He Chose (Sep-2001)

Related Books - 2

1) An Arranged Marriage (Jan-2000)
2) The Marriage Bargain (May-2000)

Related Books - 3

1) Contract Bride (Sep-2003)
2) The Bride Prize (Jan-2005)
3) His Hired Bride (Jun-2005)
4) The Bridal Contract (Sep-2007)

Multi-Author Series List

Back to the Ranch

The Bad Penny (Jun-1993)
A Wedding in the Family (Jun-1998)

Contract Brides

1) Marriage on Demand (Apr-2002)
4) The Marriage Command (Dec-2003)
5) Bride of Convenience (Mar-2004)
11) His Hired Bride (Jun-2005)

Cowboy Grooms Wanted!

Wild at Heart (Aug-1997)
An Arranged Marriage (Jan-2000)
The Marriage Bargain (May-2000)
The Man She'll Marry (Apr-2001)
The Wife He Chose (Sep-2001)


The Cowboy Wants a Wife! (Nov-1996)

To Have and To Hold

The Prodigal Wife (Mar-2003)
Contract Bride (Sep-2003)

Western Weddings

The Bridal Contract (Sep-2007)