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    22 Books - 2 Series
  • First Book:
    July 2013
  • Latest Book:
    August 2023
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Full Series List in Order

Eve Paxton

1 - A Woman's Book of Rules (Jul-2013)
2 - Hair and Maintenance (Oct-2018)
3 - A Closet Romantic (Aug-2020)

A Snowdrop Mystery

1 - The Ainswick Orange (Aug-2013)
2 - The Snowdrop Crusade (Aug-2013)
3 - A Remittance Man (Aug-2013)
4 - The Heracles Project (May-2014)
5 - St. Margaret's (Sep-2013)
6 - Beaumatin's Blonde (Apr-2015)
7 - Hereford Crescent (Jan-2015)
8 - Wolcum Yole (Jan-2015)
9 - Gnat (Feb-2015)
10 - And Only Man Is Vile (Oct-2016)
11 - Jersey Jones and the New World Order (Aug-2015)
12 - Dies Dirae (Mar-2019)
13 - Super Lucid (May-2019)
14 - The Snowdrop Legacy (Jan-2018)
15 - The Cotswolds Chronicler (Dec-2019)
16 - The Greater Gloucestershire Galanthus Group (May-2021)
17 - Culpable Acts (Feb-2022)

Book List in Order: 22 titles

  • Meet Eve Paxton, New Yorker transplanted to London and kickass divorce attorney to the rich and famous -- at least as long as she’s had her coffee and hormone replacement therapy. Eve’s clients are not the only ones who have problems. It’s time...

  • Maggie Eliot has a problem. The American academic is supposed to be writing a book during a sabbatical year from her position at Oxford and has come down with a bad case of writer’s block.Her friend Anne arranges for Maggie to borrow a cottage in a...

  • Professor Maggie Eliot is getting married, even though she has serious qualms. They’re not about Thomas, the man she is marrying. She admits she is completely besotted. They’re more about the getting married bit. However, Thomas’ attitude is, "...

  • It is obvious to Father Bob that the Occupy London movement is coming to an end and soon the protestors will be forced to leave the great square in front of Saint Paul’s. The self-styled clergyman has been enjoying the notoriety of the past weeks a...

  • Maggie Eliot, Appleton Fellow for Global Issues at Merrion College, Oxford, is having an eventful sabbatical year. She has overcome writer’s block, fallen in love and gotten married. She is now enjoying summer with her husband Thomas, who is also t...

  • Maggie Eliot Raynham is afraid that she has bitten off more than she can chew. She has agreed to review and update a card catalogue of garden plants. One hundred and thirty years of garden plants. The project was mischievously proposed by her husband...

  • Professor Maggie Eliot has returned to her position at Oxford after a sabbatical year and is finding it difficult to balance the demands of her job with being a newlywed. Then, before she has the time to see if she can adjust, the wife of her friend ...

  • Seven thousand, six hundred fairy lights, a rare snowdrop, and murder.It’s Christmastime at Beaumatin, the Cotswold estate of the Barons Raynham. Oxford Professor Maggie Eliot is looking forward to spending the festive season there with her husband...

  • It’s snowdrop season and Maggie Eliot is on a mission.The previous summer three people she knew died. The coroner ruled the first a suicide, the second a murder and the third an accident. Around the same time as the deaths, a number of very valuabl...

  • It is high summer in the Cotswolds and Maggie Eliot would be enjoying the season more if only she were less stressed out. There is the book she is writing whose deadline is approaching. There is the project of creating a database of the plants in the...

  • Professor Margaret Spence Eliot thought life was finally beginning to settle down after a year of personal upheaval that included getting married, accepting a new position at Oxford and having some other adventures.Then she meets Jersey Jones, a new ...

  • To Oxford professor Maggie Eliot, it seems everyone she knows is pregnant. The women in her husband’s family. The daughters of her friends. Her colleagues and her colleagues’ wives. Too old to have children herself, Maggie finds the situation rai...

  • Maggie Eliot is learning the truth of the adage, “No good deed goes unpunished.” To help a friend, she has agreed to host a group of American botanists who are touring the Cotswolds during snowdrop season. If only it were not for the relentless r...

  • Eve Paxton, New Yorker transplanted to London, is a kickass divorce attorney to the rich and famous. At least when she's on her game. But lately she's been more than slightly off, to the consternation of her colleagues at Paxton's, her law firm.Eve h...

  • Caffeine-fuelled, hormonally enhanced, kick-ass divorce attorney Eve Paxton is handling some of the most difficult cases of her career and she needs to be at the top of her game. Which is a challenge given that her office manager is having a mid-life...

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Susan Alexander has published 22 books.

The next book by Susan Alexander, Battling Bella, will be published in August 2023.

The first book by Susan Alexander, A Woman's Book of Rules, was published in July 2013.

Yes. Susan Alexander has 2 series.