Book List in Order: 35 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Anchor Pride

1) Claimed by Caden (Feb-2015)

The Corsakis Hotel

1) Three's Never a Crowd (Apr-2015)

The Federation

1) A Menage Made on Madison (Mar-2015)

The FourWinds

1) The Angel's Kiss (Aug-2015)

La Belle sans la Bete Menages

1) Menage Material (Nov-2014)
2) A Thoroughly Modern Menage(r) (Jun-2015)

Naughty Nookie

1) Mona (May-2015)
1) Sinfully Theirs (May-2019)
2) Marina (Jul-2015)
2) Sinfully Mastered (Jun-2019)

The Year of the Wolf

1) WOLF CHILD (Jul-2020)
2) MOON CHILD (Aug-2020)

Multi-Author Series List

Salsang Chronicles

1) Stained Egos (Feb-2019)
2) Stained Hearts (Mar-2019)
3) Stained Minds (Apr-2019)
4) Stained Bonds (May-2019)