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    13 Books (2 Series)
  • First Book:
    June 1994
  • Latest Book:
    August 2012
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Full Series List in Order

An Em Hansen Mystery

1 - Tensleep (Jun-1994)
2 - A Fall in Denver (Dec-1995)
3 - Mother Nature (Jun-1997)
4 - Only Flesh and Bones (May-1998)
5 - Bone Hunter (Sep-1999)
6 - An Eye for Gold (Sep-2000)
7 - Fault Line (Jan-2002)
8 - Killer Dust (Feb-2003)
9 - Earth Colors (Mar-2004)
10 - Dead Dry (Nov-2005)
11 - Rock Bottom (Aug-2012)

Valena Walker

1 - In Cold Pursuit (Aug-2007)

Book List in Order: 13 titles

  • Stuck on an oil-drilling rig in the Wyoming badlands with a bunch of roughnecks is a tough place for a woman. But feisty, sharp-edged Emily "Em" Hansen, working as a mudlogger, calls this patch of Tensleep Sandstone home. She is about to call it dead...

  • Cantankerous geologist Em Hansen is moving up in the world-- from a drilling rig in the Wyoming badlands to the posh twelfth floor of Denver's Cattlemen's Exchange Building. She's about to find out how dangerous a desk job can be. On her very firs...

  • GEOLOGIST EM HANSEN DIGS INTO GREED, DECEPTION, MURDER...AND OTHER NATURAL DISASTERS Looking to distract herself from the grief she feels over her father's recent death, geologist Em Hansen agrees to investigate the rocky murder of fellow geologis...

  • GEOLOGIST EM HANSEN UNEARTHS DARK SECRETS, DANGEROUS LIES--AND MURDER... Still recuperating from her father's death and her mother's recovery from alcohol addiction, geologist and amateur sleuth Emily "Em" Hansen is out of work and unhappily whili...

  • Forensic geologist Em Hansen uses her keen senses and fascinating scientific background to uncover the buried secrets of the most baffling murder cases. Now Em travels to a Utah paleontology conference, where a renowned dinosaur expert is found bruta...

  • Temporarily unemployed and conflicted over a rocky relationship, forensic geologist Em Hansen adepts an assignment aiding the FBI in a fraud investigation of a billion-dollar Nevada gold mine. There arc no guarantees on the frontier, and Em ends up s...

  • With the Winter Olympics approaching, Salt Lake City is trembling with excitement-literally. A real life earthquake has torn fissures into the city's preparations, and now forensic geologist Em Hansen has a rare opportunity to get some field work in ...

  • Forensic geologist Em Hansen might finally be falling in love again. But just as she's getting closer to FBI agent Jack Sampler, he takes off on a mysterious assignment. When he doesn't return Em believes he's in trouble but only knows two things abo...

  • PAINT BY MURDER Unemployed professional geologist and sometime FBI consultant, Emm Hansen desperately needs work. So when her best friend Faye tells her that she knows someone who could use Em's expertise as a geologist to authenticate a painting,...

  • YOU NEVER MISS YOUR WATER--TILL YOUR TIME RUNS OUT.... For Em Hansen, things couldn't be better professionally and personally. She's got a full-time gig with the Utah Geological Survey; she's the go-to forensic geologist for state law enforcement...

  • From Sarah Andrews, best known for her popular mysteries featuring forensic geologist Em Hansen, comes an intriguing new heroine whose conquest produces a great many thrills and chills... ON THIN ICE... Valena Walker is a master's student headed to ...

  • Paisley's day began in the ordinary way.... Isn't that how all strange days begin You wake up, have breakfast, run around and play, and then go back to sleep and wait for your favorite human to come home. At least, that's what you do if...

  • Rivers, oceans, streams, lakes -- it doesn’t matter what shape it takes, Em Hansen is terrified of the water. She hasn’t shared her phobia with her new husband, Fritz, and when his best friend, Tiny, organizes a month-long, private, white-water r...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Sarah Andrews has published 13 books.

Sarah Andrews does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Rock Bottom, was published in August 2012.

The first book by Sarah Andrews, Tensleep, was published in June 1994.

Yes. Sarah Andrews has 2 series.