Robert Randisi; Christine Matthews

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    Amateur Sleuth


    A Gil and Claire Hunt Mystery - 3

    When Claire Hunt is sent to host her home shopping program on location in the Big Easy she and her husband, Gil, cannot resist having him come along. A book dealer back home in St. Louis, Gil is eager for the chance to poke around in the French Quart...

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    Amateur Sleuth


    A Gil and Claire Hunt Mystery - 2

    "Intriguing mystery of murder and voodoo . . . two delightful sleuths and credible supporting characters." Publishers Weekly. Book dealer Gil Hunt and his wife Claire stumble onto one crime after another in this charming series. A murdered author, a ...

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    Amateur Sleuth


    A Gil and Claire Hunt Mystery - 1
    Worldwide Mysteries - 472

    Shop 'Til You Drop When three women are found smothered to death in front of their television sets, St. Louis detectives Jason Holiday and Myra Longfellow discover a curious MO. Each victim had her eyes wide open and she stared blindly at the scre...

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