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    5 Books
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    June 1993
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    January 2014
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Book List in Order: 5 titles

  • OLD WORLD MAGIC! Jim Marlowe and his young son came to Central Europe on a routine scientific assignment: to study the environmental impact of a planned mining operation. But nothing in the mountains of Karistan is quite what it seems - from the v...

  • Living in the hills above Los Angeles, the last Unicorn has become tired of his existence, until he comes to the aid of Nancy del Rio, a teenager from the city's gang-ridden streets, and risks his life to teach her to believe in herself. Original....

  • When 18-year-old Sam Williams was drafted in 1972, he expected to end up in Vietnam, not West Germany, where he stumbles into the Europe of the political terrorist, tradition, and revenge for WWII concentration camps. A violent tale, a moral odyssey....

  • Syracuse, upstate New York. The “Salt City.” An apartment building on the edge of The Projects - and Anne Malloy dies, flying out of a sixth floor window, an apparent suicide, while Mark Cornell watches. Mark was there for a purpose, his part-tim...

  • 1989. The undercover Los Angeles police team of Sam Williams and Jenny Luck witness a “righteous kill” by a fellow officer in Chinatown " a kill with problems they need to hide to protect the innocent. Then, overseas, the massacre in China at T...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Robert C. Fleet has published 5 books.

Robert C. Fleet does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Happy New Year, was published in January 2014.

The first book by Robert C. Fleet, White Horse, Dark Dragon, was published in June 1993.

No. Robert C. Fleet does not write books in series.