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    16 Books (5 Series)
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    June 1993
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    December 2010
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Full Series List in Order


1 - Acorna's People (Jul-1999)
2 - Acorna's World (Jun-2000)
3 - Acorna's Search (Dec-2001)
4 - Acorna's Rebels (Feb-2003)
5 - Acorna's Triumph (Mar-2004)

Acorna's Children

First Warning (Aug-2005)
Second Wave (Aug-2006)
Third Watch (Aug-2007)

A Novel of the Barque Cats

1 - Catalyst (Jan-2010)
2 - Catacombs (Dec-2010)

The Petaybee Trilogy

1 - Powers That Be (Jun-1993)
2 - Power Lines (Jul-1994)
3 - Power Play (Jul-1995)

The Twins of Petaybee

1 - Changelings (Dec-2005)
2 - Maelstrom (Jan-2007)
3 - Deluge (Apr-2008)

Book List in Order: 16 titles

  • Second Chance Strange things were happening on the icy planet called Petaybee. Unauthorized genetically engineered species had been spotted. Geologic survey teams sent to locate newly detected mineral deposits were either coming up empty-or disapp...

  • Yanaba Maddock's short-lived career as a company spy had ended the moment the planet Petaybee and its people had adopted her as one of their own. Now she was dedicated to keeping intergal from exploiting and wounding--or even killing--the world she h...

  • Petaybee was growing up. Day by day, the sentient planet--like any child--was learning to recognize and understand the, meaning of outside stimuli, to respond to those stimuli, to communicate its own needs and desires...even to use human speech. Y...

  • "WELCOME HOME, LINYAARI CHILD!" With the help of her "uncles" and the thousands of humans who love and admire her, Acorna has found her true people, the peaceful, telepathic Linyaari. But Acorna still has much to do before she can enjoy her new ho...

  • "I HAVE A FUNNY FEELING ABOUT THIS ONE." Acorna, the "unicorn girl" has made peace with her Linyaari past, and aboard the interplanetary salvage vessel Condor she is finally free. But dread overtakes her when a distress signal summons Acorna and h...

  • "IT MUST BE AS IT WAS BEFORE." The homeworld Acorna has never known was horribly scarred in the brutal attack by the cold-blooded Khleevi, but the Linyaari -- the unicorn girl's gentle, spiritual race -- live on. Now is the time for healing and re...

  • Acorna's people, the Linyaari, have begun reclaiming their homeworld from the ravages of the brutal Khleevi. But the first wave of explorers has unlocked a larger mystery about the origins of the Linyaari -- one that has led Aari, Acorna's beloved li...

  • "THIS SEEMS ALL WRONG." Aari has returned! Now he and his lifemate, the brave and beautiful Acorna, can finish rebuilding their once-decimated homeworld. Yet Aari's travels through time have left him oddly changed, and he barely remembers Acorna o...

  • Khorii, daughter of the near-mythic Acorna and her lifemate, Aari, must contend with an overwhelming legacy to forge a path of her own through a universe filled with new adversaries and adventures. A simple journey home to visit her parents turns ...

  • Twin brother and sister Ronan and Murel are tr children of Petaybee, the sentient planet that is their home. Like their father, they are changelings, able to converse telepathically with creatures and to transform into seals. The Petaybeans wish to p...

  • It is difficult growing up in the shadow of heroes revered throughout the galaxy. But that is the lot of young Khorii-daughter of the legendary Acorna and her lifemate, Aari-who must now follow her own destiny through a fantastic universe of wonders ...

  • The sentient planet of Petabyee has agreed to harbor a group of new refugees, workers indentured to the powerful InterGal Corporation: But the mission to collect the immigrants becomes a rescue operation when it is revealed that InterGal is doing not...

  • Khorii, the rebellious daughter of the near-mythic Acorna and her lifemate, Aari, has followed in Acorna's footsteps leading their people from danger, but the pressure to succeed and fulfill a legacy is tremendous. For the deadly foe that has rav...

  • InterGal Corporation has long desired to exploit the resource-rich Petaybee. But the planet and its guardians, led by Yana Maddock and Sean Shongili, along with their twin children, Ronan and Murel, have successfully thwarted every attempt by the Cor...

  • Pilot, navigator, engineer, doctor, scientist -- ship's cat? All are essential to the well-staffed space vessel. Since the early days of interstellar travel, when Tuxedo Thomas, a Maine coon cat, showed what a cat could do for a ship and its crew, th...

  • In Catalyst, award-winning authors Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough introduced readers to the beguiling Barque Cats: spacefaring felines who serve aboard starships as full-fledged members of the crew. Highly evolved, the cats share an alm...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Anne McCaffrey; Elizabeth Ann Scarborough has published 16 books.

Anne McCaffrey; Elizabeth Ann Scarborough does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Catacombs, was published in December 2010.

The first book by Anne McCaffrey; Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, Powers That Be, was published in June 1993.

Yes. Anne McCaffrey; Elizabeth Ann Scarborough has 5 series.