Riley Edwards is a bestselling multi-genre author, wife, and military mom. Riley was born and raised in Los Angeles but now resides on the east coast with her fantastic husband and children.

Riley writes heart-stopping romance with sexy alpha heroes and even stronger heroines. Riley's favorite genres to write are romantic suspense and military romance.

Book List in Order: 39 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Black OPs

1) Free (Aug-2017)
2) Freeing Jasper (Nov-2017)
3) Finally Free (Mar-2018)
4) Freedom (Mar-2018)

The Collective

1) Unbroken: Part 1 (Sep-2018)
2) Unbroken - Part two (Jun-2017)
3) Trust: The Collective (Oct-2018)
4) Unbroken: Part 2 (Oct-2018)

Gemini Group

1) Nixon's Promise (Jun-2019)
2) Jameson's Salvation (Sep-2019)
3) Weston's Treasure (Dec-2019)
4) Alec's Dream (Feb-2020)
5) Chasin's Surrender (Jun-2020)
6) Holden's Resurrection (Nov-2020)
7) Jonny's Redemption (Mar-2021)

Gold Team

1) Brooks (Mar-2019)
2) Thaddeus (Jul-2019)
3) Kyle (Oct-2019)
4) Maximus (Mar-2020)
5) Declan (Jul-2020)

Next Generation

1) Saving Meadow (May-2018)
2) Chasing Honor (Oct-2018)
3) Finding Mercy (Feb-2019)
4) Claiming Tuesday (Apr-2019)
5) Adoring Delaney (Aug-2019)
6) Keeping Quinn (Jan-2020)
7) Taking Liberty (Apr-2020)

Red Team

1) Nightstalker - A second chance military romance thriller: Red Team (Jan-2017)
2) Protecting Olivia (Jul-2018)
3) Redeeming Violet (Jul-2018)
4) Recovering Ivy (Aug-2018)
5) Rescuing Erin (Jan-2019)


1) Dangerous Love (Jul-2021)
2) Dangerous Rescue (Nov-2021)

Multi-Author Series List

Special Forces: Operation Alpha

Protecting Olivia (Jul-2018)
Redeeming Violet (Jul-2018)
Recovering Ivy (Aug-2018)
Rescuing Erin (Jan-2019)
Brooks (Mar-2019)
Thaddeus (Jul-2019)
Hope's Delta (Sep-2020)