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    9 Books
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    May 1999
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    February 2024
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  • Why does Ursula’s right arm hang limply by her side? The doctors can find nothing wrong â€" is she faking it or is it all in the mind?Her husband, Leo, wants Ursula to see Mrs Moberley, a psychoanalyst, but her sister tells her Freud’s ideas are ...

  • In the middle of the night Izzy Lomas finds an abandoned baby on her doorstep. It could have been left by any desperate person ... except that the baby's name, pinned in a note to its carrycot, brings back a striking memory from her childhood. If you...

  • How do you deal with what comes after a death? When Kristen's partner William is murdered in a mugging gone wrong, she tries to pick up the pieces for the sake of her young stepson Theo. But when Theo's biological mother Ros demands that he go to liv...

  • PERFECT FOR FANS OF LIANE MORIARTY AND LOUISE JENSEN Can you really trust her? Erin is devastated when her pregnant sister Claudia is left brain dead from a tragic accident. When Claudia’s boyfriend Ollie wants to switch off her life support, a des...

  • 'Kline constructs suspense skilfully, one small step at a time, one eye-opening realisation after another until the reader is fully immersed in it and swept in its course' - Anna Legat, author of Thicker Than Blood

    Miss Seymour is gro...

  • A girls' boarding school in the Devon countryside.A headmistress, who relies on religion for discipline, and Sister Ellis, the matron, who appears to have a hearty dislike of teenage girls.Like most teenagers, Nicky thinks she knows it all, but she's...

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    When social worker Karen Plant was found murdered in her Bristol flat, the prime suspect was a simple-minded client who used to do odd jobs for her. However, before the case could come to court, the young man hanged himself. His grief-stricken sister...

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    Psychologist Anna McColl has reassured her client, Luke Jesty, that his violent thoughts are merely a symptom of his general anxiety. Then, Luke's friend, Paula - while out walking with him - falls in front of the traffic and is killed. Was it an acc...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Penny Kline has published 9 books.

Penny Kline does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, The C of E and Me, was published in February 2024.

The first book by Penny Kline, Living in Dread, was published in May 1999.

No. Penny Kline does not write books in series.