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    September 2000
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    December 2018
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  • SNOOOOGA... SNOOOOGA... SNOOM ERRGHA... ERRGHA... ARGHH Trying to get some shut-eye is no easy task when the lamp is rattling, the dishes are clattering, and shoes are tumbling down the stairs. Who is making all that racket? It's Papa and Nana, fast ...

  • How do you cure the hiccups? Do you drink water from the wrong side of the glass? Do you hold your breath while eating an apple, or do you put a paper bag over your head and stand upside down? What if nothing you do seems to work and the hiccups have...

  • Pirates have green teeth -- when they have any teeth at all. I know about pirates, because one day, when I was at the beach building a sand castle and minding my own business, a pirate ship sailed into view.So proclaims Jeremy Jacob, a boy who joins ...

  • When the pirate crew turns up at Jeremy Jacob's house and accidentally wakes his baby sister, that wee scallywag howls louder than a storm on the high seas. Sure, there's buried treasure to be found, but nobody's digging up anything until Bonney Anne...

  • A heave-ho, high-seas adventure and activity book inspired by the bestselling picture books How I Became a Pirate and Pirates Don't Change Diapers written by Melinda Long and illustrated David Shannon. This 36-page, full-color activity book includes:...

  • Rainbow-painted houses, yummy shrimp stew, war heroes, prowling pirates, kudzu monsters, leaping dolphins…and a wren in a palmetto tree: that's a South Carolina Christmas, and Laura is experiencing it all for the first time! Kids will love explorin...

  • When Art and his friends―Robbie, Jason, and Amy―are having a sleepover, they decide to use Art's telescope for some stargazing. They are shocked to see a purple spaceship hurtling toward Earth. While his parents think his imagination is getting t...

Award-Winning Books by Melinda Long

How I Became a Pirate
2003 Irma S. & James H. Black Award -- Children's Literature
2003 Parents Choice Award (Fall) (1998-2007) -- Gold
2004 Book Sense Book of the Year Award -- Children's Illustrated
2004 Pat Conroy Southern Book Prize -- Children's
2004 SIBA Book Award -- Children's
2005 Florida Children's Book Award -- Pre K - 2nd Grade

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Melinda Long has published 7 books.

Melinda Long does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Art Smart, Science Detective, was published in December 2018.

The first book by Melinda Long, When Papa Snores, was published in September 2000.

No. Melinda Long does not write books in series.