Book List in Order: 28 titles

Complete Series List in Order

The Midwives

1) You Were on My Mind (Sep-1998)
2) Talking About My Baby (Aug-1999)
3) There Is a Season (Dec-1999)
4) Forever and a Baby (May-2000)

Related Books

1) The Keeper (Nov-1995)
2) Nick's Kind of Woman (Jan-1997)

Related Books - 2

1) The Third Christmas (Dec-1994)
2) Mr. Family (Oct-1996)

Multi-Author Series List

9 Months Later

7) Waiting for You (Jun-1996)

Everlasting Love

Here to Stay (Sep-2009)

Family Man

The Third Christmas (Dec-1994)

Home on the Ranch

The Truth About Cowboys (Jun-1997)

A Little Secret

18) Because Of Our Child (Feb-2007)

The State of Parenthood

Holding The Baby (Oct-2008)

Thoroughbred Legacy

11) An Indecent Proposal (Dec-2008)

Women Who Dare

Nick's Kind of Woman (Jan-1997)