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    3 Books
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    July 2003
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    March 2004
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  • THIS TIME IT'S REAL, TANKER BOY! New Kashubia was a planet rich in heavy metals, but utterly lacking in carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen. Even dirt had to be imported at great expense. The colonists, moved there from Earth against their will, lived in...

  • WOODEN SHIPS SAIL TO THE STARS -- AND BEYOND! It is six hundred years in the future and mankind has learned to move between the stars in Two-Space, the two dimensional realm where sentient wooden ships travel on canvas sails in a universe hostile to...

  • THE VIRTUAL-REALITY MERCENARIES FACE A NEW MENACE--AND THERE'S NOTHING VIRTUAL ABOUT IT! First, the involuntary colonists of New Kashubia rescued their planet from crushing debt by becoming virtual-reality mercenaries, then they successfully revol...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Leo Frankowski; Dave Grossman has published 3 books.

Leo Frankowski; Dave Grossman does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Kren of the Mitchegai, was published in March 2004.

The first book by Leo Frankowski; Dave Grossman, The War with Earth, was published in July 2003.

No. Leo Frankowski; Dave Grossman does not write books in series.