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    8 Books
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    July 1986
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    April 2014
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  • Just as the first wave of flying saucer sightings ended in the summer of 1947, the military began a project to investigate those reports. For twenty-two years, the Air Force attempted to learn what it could about the phenomena they called UFOs. Durin...

  • Suppose that you’re on board a small space station orbiting the Earth and you learn that an Asteroid of mammoth size is about to collide with the planet. No one can stop because it is too close and coming too fast. You can’t be rescued because th...

  • Sickened by war and embittered by his experience at Gettysburg, David Travis heads west to escape the pain of war -- and his past.In a bar in the hills north of El Paso, he hears an old prospector spin a crazy tale about a wagon train loaded with Sp...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Kevin Randle has published 8 books.

Kevin Randle does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Spanish Gold, was published in April 2014.

The first book by Kevin Randle, Remember the Alamo!, was published in July 1986.

No. Kevin Randle does not write books in series.