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    14 Books (2 Series)
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    May 2021
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    September 2022
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Full Series List in Order

A Charlotte Finn Mystery

1 - Her Last Breath (Mar-2022)

A Detective Kaitlyn Carr Mystery

0.5 - Girl Hidden (May-2021)
1 - Girl Missing (Jun-2021)
2 - Girl Lost (Jul-2021)
3 - Girl Found (Aug-2021)
4 - Girl Taken (Sep-2021)
5 - Girl Forgotten (Jan-2022)

Book List in Order: 14 titles

  • A family is found dead in their home. The only survivor is the teenage daughter who managed to escape the burning house. Detective Kaitlyn Carr has to bring their killer to justice.A year before her disappearance, Violet, Kaitlyn's sister, comes to ...

  • Don't lie to me...A young girl from a wealthy family is found hanging from a tree in a secluded canyon.What was she doing there in the middle of the night? How did she get there? Who did this to her? Detective Kaitlyn Carr is determined to find out a...

  • Detective Kaitlyn Carr's 13-year-old sister is still missing and now her friend has disappeared as well under very similar circumstances. The FBI is called to Big Bear Lake and the agent assigned to the case is none other than Luke Galvinson, a man f...

  • While her missing sister's case hits a roadblock, Detective Kaitlyn Carr searches for a US Marine who has disappeared after a college student is found dead in his apartment.Where is he? Did he kill her and run? And if so, why? Detective Kaitlyn Carr ...

  • When her sister's friend is found dead, Detective Kaitlyn Carr knows that time is running out. Her sister has been missing for weeks and everyone is starting to believe that she's gone for good. But Kaitlyn refuses to give up.While the FBI and the Sh...

  • A young mother just starting her life over after a bad divorce is found murdered in the Los Angeles River. The prime suspects are her ex-husband, a member of a ruthless motorcycle gang, and a new boyfriend, a surfer with a mysterious past. It's up to...

  • A couple expecting their first child is brutally murdered. The prime suspect is the scorned ex-wife with no knowledge of how she got there or what happened. It's up to Detective Charlotte Pierce to unravel the mystery of the newlyweds' ...

  • When a 13-year-old girl vanished, her friends have kept certain details of that night a secret. Even though she was only a teenager, this mistake continues to haunt Detective Charlotte Pierce.Twenty years later, Charlotte attends her middle school re...

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Gripping! Fascinating mystery thriller filled with intriguing characters and lots of twists and turns!  (Goodreads review for Girl Missing)

When a 13-year-old girl vanished, her fr...

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ The twists come at you at breakneck pace. Very suspenseful. (Goodreads)When two young boys disappear while riding their bikes, Detective Charlotte Pierce must follow the clues to find their killer before he st...

  • When a young woman's lifeless body is found with strangulation marks not far from her tent, Detective Charlotte Pierce heads to the small mountain town of Quail Lake to investigate. Mesquite County Sheriff's department is short staffed and the only o...

  • Hidden secrets and deadly lies...Following the incident that nearly killed her boyfriend, Detective Charlotte Pierce needs a weekend away with him in the quaint mountain town of Quail Lake, California. However, their trip is interrupted when a sixtee...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Kate Gable has published 14 books.

Kate Gable does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Girl in the Lake, was published in September 2022.

The first book by Kate Gable, Girl Hidden, was published in May 2021.

Yes. Kate Gable has 2 series.