Margaret Brownley was born on July 30. At a very young age, her nature reflected romanticism. She once told her first-grade teacher that a handsome man with "startled" eyes stole her homework. At the age of seven, she thought the word "startled" meant starry-eyed. Right from her childhood days, she developed a habit of turning her daydreams into interesting short stories. She had always been a storyteller and could never realize when she became a writer. As a grown up, Margaret started writing articles for a number of magazines. She has written more than 400 articles for different magazines till date. She has a long list of interesting speeches and talks, which would attract the writing groups. She is a popular speaker and has spoken to women's groups, religious and charitable organizations, and national conferences across the country. Margaret is also an author of romance novels and has numerous published books to her credit, most of them set in the 1800's.

Married to her real-life hero, George, they had three grown children, but her life took an abrupt turn when their oldest son Kevin died following a long illness, and she began writing articles on grief to help ease her own pain. The marriage live in Southern California, happily surrounded by five grandchildren.

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