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    10 Books (1 Series)
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    January 2004
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    April 2022
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Full Series List in Order

An Alex Peres Mystery

1 - Caught in the Net (Jan-2004)
2 - Turning The Tables (Jan-2005)
3 - The Weekend Visitor (Mar-2006)
4 - Murder Came Second (Feb-2007)
5 - Losers, Weepers (Jun-2008)
6 - Murder Takes to the Hills (Mar-2010)

Book List in Order: 10 titles

  • When a sneaker washes up on the cold winter beach, Alex Peres, private investigator, and her four-legged canine partner, Fargo, are sent on an unlikely adventure. But thats nothing compared to the one-on-one thrill of a new relationship. From the mom...

  • Something evil stalks Commercial Street on a festive Halloween night. Private investigator Alex Peres, however, has her mind focused on fun and perhaps romance. Only in the cold light of morning does word spread of a gay man's murder. Beset with her ...

  • 'The Weekend Visitor' begins with a mini-mystery currently providing cocktail party conversation to many of Provincetown's gay community: are young, beautiful, sexy Irish Maureen Delaney and 40-ish plain Jane Mary Sloan lovers or is Maureen simply a ...

  • Paul Carlucci's latest production, 'Hamlet' is opening in Provincetown and the cast are holed up in various B&Bs around town. Terese Segal, an 'embedded journalist' is busy digging up dirt on the players, and when Terese is found dead, no one is espe...

  • Shortly after beautiful, slightly wild, 17-year-old Zoe Catlett shocks her family with the news she is a lesbian, they receive a phone call from a man asking for a million dollars in ransom. Zoe has indeed gone missing, but her stepmother is convince...

  • Displaced from their home during remodeling and repair, Alex Peres and her love Cindy are starting to get on each other’s nerves. At least, Alex is certain, pets Wells and Fargo still love them, and clients are still calling for help with their var...

  • Having the last name Lopez was certainly like having an all access pass. Wealth, popularity and the respect of the streets are just a few of the perks that came along with the status. For their princess, Tyeis, life was grand. She had everything a gi...

  • I Do Not Wish to Shine TodayBy: Jessica ThomasOne morning, as the moon sets and dawn approaches, she discovers that the sun is feeling down on himself and doesn't wish to rise. Can she convince him otherwise? To every person who's ever felt sad or u...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Jessica Thomas has published 10 books.

Jessica Thomas does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, I Do Not Wish to Shine Today, was published in April 2022.

The first book by Jessica Thomas, Caught in the Net, was published in January 2004.

Yes. Jessica Thomas has 1 series.