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    7 Books (1 Series)
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    September 2012
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    September 2012
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Full Series List in Order

Raising Hell

1 - Origins: Soul of a Man & Recurring Dream (Sep-2012)
2 - Down Into Dark & Sing Me a Song (Sep-2012)
3 - What the Dead See & Lucky Times Three (Sep-2012)
5 - Kill To Live & Sieve ()
6 - Marked To Die & Hoisted High ()
7 - When In Doubt & Shoot It Out ()

Book List in Order: 7 titles

  • In Book Seven: It is time for 'scorched earth' tactics, as Sardonyx helps to cover up the death of two FBI agents-both of whom happen to be demons. Sardius will stop at nothing! In Book Eight: Sardonyx finds out there are seemingly more demons than h...

  • Book 3: Down into Dark: Sardius and his partner are caught in an ambush, when Shayanne appears; what happens next will change things for him in the police department for ever. Book Four: Sing Me a Song: As an investigation into the deaths of...

  • Sardius Sardonyx is a cop on the edge. He is an on-the-verge-of-being-reformed alcoholic, a stoner, a man who wakes up every morning dreading the day…The ghost of every person who has ever been shot by his police gun comes back to haunt him...

  • In Book Five: Sardonyx is told by Adonis and Shayanne that the FBI agent he is seeing is something hell-bound-or hell-sent. In Book Six: Sardonyx barely escapes with his life when, on Labor Day, his attempt to kill a demon unleashes the...

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    In Book Nine: The South Beach PD is under siege, and it's every man, demon and ghost for himself! In Book Ten: Sardius, and every cop's soul is now "sifted as wheat" as the balance of power now shifts, and the demons (and ghosts in the...

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    In Book Eleven: Sardius is willingly subverted, becoming a demon as he figures out-it takes a demon to fight a police precinct full of demons! In Book Twelve: Sardius's betrayal demands the ultimate penalty. Like Judas, he is "hoisted high"-hanging. ...

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    In Book Thirteen: The ultimate battle ensues, as Jarvis, Sardius and Midnight-and the ghosts-wade in full bore in this demon war. In Book Fourteen: Mayhem, madness and bloodshed crescendos as the demon war wages on, with Sardius, Jarvis and Midnight-...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Jasper Ace has published 7 books.

Jasper Ace does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Origins: Soul of a Man & Recurring Dream, was published in September 2012.

The first book by Jasper Ace, Origins: Soul of a Man & Recurring Dream, was published in September 2012.

Yes. Jasper Ace has 1 series.