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    9 Books
  • First Book:
    October 1986
  • Latest Book:
    March 2023

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  • Why the Mariner stops three young men bidden to a wedding feast makes a fascinating and morally rich tale told in rhyme. In the seaman's story, the very simple act of shooting an albatross brings terrifying bad luck--and until the Mariner understands...

  • Casanova, the great lover and adventurer, is 73 and nearing the end of his life. He plans to make one last grand seduction, and devises a precarious plan to that end. Needless to say, in the cartoon hands of Hunt Emerson, the whole thing goes disastr...

  • Hunt Emerson, the dazzlingly talented cartoonist, tackles the biggest literary name of them all: Dante. Emerson's Inferno delights on many levels: as an ingenious translation of classic verse; an effortlessly readable introduction to a complex poem; ...

  • Calculus Cat's home life is locked in an in-tense, argumentative relationship with his TV set, which bedevils him with commercials for Skweeky Weets-the world's most asinine breakfast cere-al. His job' is no better. He is forced to run thought the st...

  • 'The story of Max Zillion, the ace saxophonist man-handling his chosen instrument Alto Ego, rising to artistic heights with music and sinking through financial depths thanks to the machinations of Mean McMudda, the eternal agent who takes 100% and th...

  • Vampires, Ghosts, Faeries, UFOs, Werewolves, Folk Beliefs, Miracles, Mystery Smells, Unknown Animals, Megaliths, Saints, Weird Cults, Weird Deaths, Weird Feet, Rains of Blood, Fishes and Stones… The mysterious and bizarre world that exists aro...

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    The collected CityMouth strips from the master of underground British comix, Hunt Emerson.They’re big mouths, each with a city inside. They’re infested with classical ruins, a sort of architectural vermin. They suffer from all the ills of modern ...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Hunt Emerson has published 9 books.

The next book by Hunt Emerson, Phenomenomix, will be published in March 2023.

The first book by Hunt Emerson, Lady Chatterley's Lover, was published in October 1986.

No. Hunt Emerson does not write books in series.