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    7 Books
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    November 1990
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    May 2014
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  • When Sam Alexander notifies the authorities that he has found a deep-space radio source, he discovers he must compete with spies, scientists, and bureaucrats for control of the first extraterrestrial contact...

  • Sam Alexander has discovered and the Earth has witnessed the first radio contact with an extraterrestrial civilization. And now, Sam is going to take a journey, a journey to the point of origin of that first contact. But the humanoids, creatures and ...

  • Texas Private Investigator Bartholomew Pigge journeys to Branson, Missouri. He's not going for a vacation or to catch a good show. He's there to investigate a murder, then another and yet another. He's thrown into unfamiliar territory and all too...

  • SETI, Conception,” the third and final book in The SETI Trilogy, is a story that pushes to the limit theories of modern physics in a fast paced tale that races to a stunning conclusion. The possibilities of the Nibiru/Planet X prophesied catastroph...

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    A 12 year old boy, Noah, goes to the zoo with his mother and father and is swept away on a seven continent fantasy adventure. He sees dozens of animals and learns about them in their true habitat. His guide and personal docent, Manny Meercat, teaches...

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    All three SETI books, “SETI,” “SETI, The Journey,” and “SETI, Conception” have been combined into one convenient anthology volume, “The SETI Trilogy.” From the Science Fiction genre these novels explore...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Fred Fichman has published 7 books.

Fred Fichman does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Butcher Boat, was published in May 2014.

The first book by Fred Fichman, Seti, was published in November 1990.

No. Fred Fichman does not write books in series.